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Five Creative Ways To Thank Your Girls on the Run Coaches

By Haley Warner on 4/26/2018 | Announcements

Girls on the Run coaches are the heart of Girls on the Run. Not only do they illustrate what it means to be a Girl on the Run, they encourage girls to live joyful, healthy, and confident lives while creating lasting memories for girls along the way. 

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GOTR Spirit in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

By Molly Mayo on 12/22/2017 | Announcements

We never could have planned for a natural disaster, but what came next was unexpected in the best of ways. Before Harvey had even left the Houston area, we were already hearing from Girls on the Run councils and teams from across the country who were looking for ways to help and checking in to make sure we were okay.

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10 of Our Favorite Things That Happened in 2017

By Kenzie Kramer on 12/19/2017 | Announcements

It’s been quite a year for Girls on the Run! In 2017, we celebrated twenty one years since the start of our programs. Our 220 councils served over 200,000 girls across the United States with over 14,000 teams led by 53,000 remarkable volunteer coaches. There were many memorable moments in 2017 thanks to the awe-inspiring girls in our programs and the coaches and supporters who make Girls on the Run possible, but here are just a few that stick out.

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Measuring the Remarkable Impact of Girls on the Run

By Elizabeth Kunz on 8/14/2017 | Announcements

In 2016, Girls on the Run commissioned an external, independent study to evaluate the impact of program participation.  The third-party study was led by Dr. Maureen (Mo) Weiss, a Professor in the School of Kinesiology, and Adjunct Professor in the Institute of Child Development, at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Weiss and her team used a rigorous approach to evaluate the effectiveness of Girls on the Run on positive youth development

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Your Story Matters

By Sharon Kathryn D’Agostino on 4/18/2017 | Announcements

Girls on the Run has teamed up with, a story-telling platform that encourages women and girls to share their stories of overcoming adversity. 

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Calling All Remarkable Women (That's You!)

By Kenzie Kramer on 3/2/2017 | Announcements

Wednesday, March 8th marks International Women’s Day; a day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. The impact that women make in the lives of others, in our communities and on the world are immense and immeasurable - spanning from scientific exploration to artistic creation to mentoring the next generation of leaders.

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What Is a Day at The White House Without a GOTR Cape?

By Carrie Johnson on 9/27/2016 | Announcements

When we had the chance to attend a summit about Trauma-Informed Approaches in School: Supporting Girls of Color and Rethinking Discipline last week, we said “yes”!

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GOTR Girls Invited to Meet Bestselling Author

9/1/2016 | Announcements

Big or small, everyone has struggled to find their place at some point. In New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner’s new book The Littlest Bigfoot, self-conscious Alice Mayfair is having trouble finding a support system after starting at yet another new school. Alice finds a friend in Millie Maximus, a Bigfoot who is fascinated by humans and is hopeful that they’ll accept her fearless nature and yearning to be a star. 

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What Is the Best Exercise for Girls?

By Joy Hartman on 5/9/2016 | Announcements

You might think the answer is running since you are reading the Girls on the Run blog. It’s not. Could it be swimming, soccer, tennis, volleyball? Nope. Well, not really nope. More like all of the above. Don’t you hate trick questions? The real answer is play. 

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Six Mantras to Keep You Happy and Healthy

By Caroline Holbrook on 4/26/2016 | Announcements

With summer quickly approaching, that means the end of the school year is just around the corner. From pushing through those final weeks of school, time can seem to slip away and the days can easily become filled with stress. Choosing to remind ourselves of our self-worth, while also remembering to take a step back when life gets a little chaotic is something that everyone needs to do. Here are six mantras to inspire everyone to finish out the school year and the Girls on the Run season strong!

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Join Girls on the Run in Celebrating #GivingTuesday!

By Suzanna McCloskey on 11/16/2015 | Announcements

Now in its fourth year, #GivingTuesday brings together networks of people, corporations, small businesses and nonprofits to celebrate giving and encourage more, better and smarter charitable giving during the holidays. On December 1, Girls on the Run invites you to celebrate Giving Tuesday with our #GiveGOTR campaign!

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Could You Be the Match for Coach Shahonna?

By Suzanna McCloskey on 10/20/2015 | Announcements

Mother, encourager, optimistic, determined. Those are just a few ways to describe Coach Shahonna, a two-season Girls on the Run coach who is in search of a bone marrow donor and critically needs your help.

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Raise Your Voice for Girls Education

By Jessica Willard on 10/6/2015 | Announcements

At Girls on the Run, we envision a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. When girls stand united and raise their voices, they have the collective power to change the world!

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One in a Million: Laura Post

6/19/2015 | Announcements

The LEGO Group is a Girls on the Run National Sponsor committed inspiring girls everywhere to achieve their limitless potential by using a LEGO-based activity that will spark meaningful conversations. Here's what Laura Post, Vice President of Global Insights for the LEGO Group, has to share about being one in a million.

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What Makes You One in a Million Contest Winners

By Celi Merchant on 6/4/2015 | Announcements

In celebration of our One in a Million campaign, we invited our current Girls on the Run participants to answer the question “What makes you one in a million?”  We received hundreds of entries for the contest and were astounded with all of the incredible responses we received. We are excited to announce the 3 winners of the contest. 

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Girl Up Leadership Summit: Stand up. Speak up. Rise up.

By Suzanna McCloskey on 5/22/2015 | Announcements

Three days. 225 participants. One life-changing opportunity. From July 13-15, join Girl Up in Washington, D.C., for the fourth annual Girl Up Leadership Summit! Registration is now open for this unique opportunity to build your leadership and advocacy skills while connecting with young leaders from across the country and around the world.

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One in a Million Moments

By Celi Merchant on 5/18/2015 | Announcements

At Girls on the Run we know that empowered girls can change the world, and our curriculum helps our girls discover that. During the course of each 10 to 12-week program cycle, every Girls on the Run team completes a community impact project. The creativity and compassion the girl’s show through these community impact projects makes each one a shining, one-in-a-million moment for our organization and for the causes these projects support!

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What's New with the One in a Million Celebration?

4/10/2015 | Announcements

The festivities continue for Girls on the Run serving one million girls! As the girls in our program are preparing for the 5k events that celebrate the conclusion of each program season, we are celebrating serving our millionth girl with two virtual festivities! Here's how to join in the fun.

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One in a Million!

By Pamela Young on 2/15/2015 | Announcements

At Girls on the Run, we envision a world where all girls know their limitless potential. And more than that, we are working to make that vision a reality. That is why we’re so excited to share that Girls on the Run will serve our one-millionth girl this year! We invite you to celebrate with us! Here's how. 

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Athleta Asks "Who Powers You?"

1/28/2015 | Announcements

Until Monday, February 16, tag or tweet a woman who powers you with #PowerToTheShe, and challenge her to rally someone else to the cause. For every post or photo on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram Athleta will donate $1 to Girls on the Run. All the way up to $25,000. So who powers you?

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Hello to 2015!

1/1/2015 | Announcements

Thanks for every story you've read and shared in this first year of the Remarkable! blog. Our wish for you in the coming year? No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable!

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A Year-End Opportunity to be Remarkable!

By Pamela Young on 12/31/2014 | Announcements

Today is the day that you can make sure one more girl discovers and activates the limitless potential she has within her. Today is the day that you can help a girl learn to be the leader of her life, with skills that will help her navigate her world with confidence and joy. Here's how and why.

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Congrats to the 2014 Wondergirl Award Winner!

12/22/2014 | Announcements

Every year, we recognize a Girls on the Run alumnae who is embracing joy, health and confidence in her life. This year's Wondergirl Award winner is Janet Taves! Here's what she had about how Girls on the Run impacted her then and now.

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Giving Tuesday: We Give Because...

12/2/2014 | Announcements

This year Girls on the Run joins in the global Giving Tuesday movement to draw attention to the ways people can and do give to our organization. Whether you give your time, your dollars or your word of mouth to Girls on the Run, we invite you to help us celebrate Giving Tuesday! It's simple. Here's how.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

11/27/2014 | Announcements

At Girls on the Run, gratitude is important. So when this season of thanks and giving comes each year, we gladly embrace the chance to reflect on our blessings and express our thanks!

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Who's Got Spirit? You!

By Celi Merchant on 9/16/2014 | Announcements

GOTR Spirit is leading with an open heart, inspiring joy, impacting our community and the many other uplifting values that grow from activating our limitless potential. We have opportunities to live out our GOTR spirit every day… but on GOTR Spirit Day, September 26 2014, we have the chance to celebrate it together from coast to coast!

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Powering Up the Next Generation of Girls

8/25/2014 | Announcements

At Girls on the Run, the finish line is just the beginning. Our national partner Athleta has collaborated with Kate T. Parker, the talented photographer behind Strong is the New Pretty, to create a series of images that capture pivotal moments of the Girls on the Run experience.

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Welcome to Remarkable!

By Pamela Young on 8/14/2014 | Announcements

We empower our girls with the mantra, “No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable!” So it’s with this mantra that we launch Remarkable!, the blog and monthly e-newsletter to fuel the limitless potential in all of us. Remarkable! is about living our core values as an organization and inspiring you to live yours.

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