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Five Ways to Make Your Team’s Practice 5K Memorable

By Kenzie Kramer on 4/17/2018 | Fun & Games

Hair coloring, face painting, dancing, cheer stations – each Girls on the Run 5K event is packed with motivating moments that remind girls they’ve put in the work and are ready to complete their first 5K! But before girls get to the start line, they have a ten-week season with twenty practices where they run, learn new skills and grow as a team, including one practice where they complete a practice 5K to prepare for their big culminating event.

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Five Mantras to Help You Activate Your Limitless Potential

By Kenzie Kramer on 6/14/2017 | Fun & Games

During each Girls on the Run season, GOTR girls learn about the power of positive self-talk. Through lessons lead by volunteer coaches, girls discuss how they can turn negative thoughts into positive messages and use these messages to keep them motivated was they work toward their goals.

Do you have a goal in mind that you're trying to reach? Keep these positive messages in mind to help you activate your limitless potential and achieve what you're working toward.

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Five Things to Know Before Your Kid Goes to Camp

By Kenzie Kramer on 4/18/2017 | Fun & Games

The end of the school year is just around the corner - which means summer camps will be coming up shortly after! Whether it’s a day camp or sleepover camp, getting everything your child needs in order can be hectic. Help your kid have a great time at camp with these five simple tips.

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Three Team Unity Items Your GOTR Team Will Love

By Kenzie Kramer on 3/21/2017 | Fun & Games

Throughout the ten-week Girls on the Run program, girls develop a stronger sense of self, learn to show care toward others and give back to their communities, all while working toward their goal of completing a 5K! To celebrate the connections made with teammates, many Girls on the Run teams wear a special unity item to their 5K event. 

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Printable Signs to Cheer on Your GOTR Girl During 5K Day

By Kenzie Kramer on 11/15/2016 | Fun & Games

A Girls on the Run 5K event is a celebration like no other running event! Each 3.1 mile fun run brings together girls from different schools, their families and community members for an exciting day of big accomplishments. For many participants, these events are the first 5K that they’ve been a part of! If you know a girl participating in an upcoming Girls on the Run 5K, come out and show your support for her goals with one of these printable cheer signs. 

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Healthy Family Traditions to Start This Fall

By Brittney Storm Rankin on 10/17/2016 | Fun & Games

Take advantage of autumn's crisp temperatures and bright blue skies by participating in healthy activities with your family and friends. Think outside your normal routine to create meaningful traditions, reduce stress and get a fresh perspective on life.

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5 DIY Halloween Costumes That Kids Can Make

By Kenzie Kramer on 10/11/2016 | Fun & Games

At each Girls on the Run practice, I try to ask each girl on my team at least one question about what’s going on in their life. “How was school today?” and “Did you do anything fun this weekend?” tend to elicit one-word answers from some girls but last week, my most recent line of questions about Halloween had even the quieter girls on my team eager to share. Each girl that I talked to told me about all of the details of their costume and why they chose the costume that they did. I learned about their favorite book characters, people they admire and how cool zombies are among some third grade girls. 

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Uncover a Challenge in This Throwback Playground Game

By Kenzie Kramer on 9/27/2016 | Fun & Games

During Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole practices, girls participate in lessons that help them grow and develop new skills that help them outside of the programs. These skills include showing gratitude, ways to manage stress and practicing positive self-talk. At the end of each lesson, girls are encouraged to apply what they learned to situations outside of practice. Think you're up for a Girls on the Run challenge? 

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Soak Up Summer with GOTR Bingo

By Jami Bunton on 7/13/2016 | Fun & Games

Summer is in full swing, and although your kids are excited to not be in school, “I’m bored” may be a commonly heard phrase. Even with the endless possibilities of fun activities, sometimes it can be hard to think of something to do–especially with so much more time to fill! 

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Three Fun DIYs for 5k Day

By Kenzie Kramer on 4/15/2016 | Fun & Games

At Girls on the Run 5ks, participants are encouraged to embrace the motto "Girls on the Run is so much fun!" with their attire. Teams from different program sites bond together through a team unity item that they wear during the event and girls can prepare for the event with their own goofy attire. Whether girls prefer fluffy tutus or sporty sweatbands, the 5k day gives them a chance to express themselves through their own outfits and connect with their team through a unity item.

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Fueling Our Healthy Pace: Make-Your-Own Pizza Night

By Hilliary Meisner on 3/4/2016 | Fun & Games

Some of my best memories with my family and friends have happened in the kitchen or at the dinner table enjoying a great meal and conversation.  Food brings people together and that is one of the main reasons I enjoy cooking so much. At Girls on the Run, one of the 5 Cs we learn about is connection, and the importance of connecting with others.  As I mentioned above, food brings people together so today I am going to share my ideas, tips and tricks for throwing a build-your-own pizza night for your family and friends.  Because life is all about connecting with others!

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Printable Valentines Your Friends Will Love

By Kenzie Kramer on 2/9/2016 | Fun & Games

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and although the holiday's focus is typically on romantic love, it can also serve as a reminder to recognize all types of love in our lives including family and friends. At Girls on the Run, we encourage girls to express joy, optimism and gratitude through their words, thoughts and actions and for this February 14th, we're inviting you to as well!

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Active Cures for Cabin Fever

By Val Newcomb on 2/3/2016 | Fun & Games

Get your family up and moving even on the dreariest of days! Together Counts, our National Alliance, shares four ways to banish the phrase "I'm bored!" from your next snow day. 

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Keep the Winter Blahs Away with a Happiness Quote Each Day

By Carrie Hanson on 12/14/2015 | Fun & Games

The winter blahs can creep up on you if you’re not careful, but eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of rest, exercise and fresh air can help. In addition, try writing a happiness quote on your office whiteboard or on a sticky note on your computer monitor or bathroom mirror to remind you to choose joy.

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Activity: One in a Million Coloring Sheet

2/20/2015 | Fun & Games

Girls on the Run is celebrating serving our one-millionth girl! Because we know that every girl is uniquely one in a million, here's an "I Am One in a Million" coloring sheet you can print for your girl (or you!) to enjoy.

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DIY: Making a Paper Fortune Teller

By Pamela Young on 12/23/2014 | Fun & Games

Do you remember making and playing with paper fortune tellers? Here's a template you can print, fold and color to make your own paper fortune teller! It's a simple craft activity to do while your kids are home for winter break... or even if you're just in the mood for some nostalgic fun. Enjoy!

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DIY: Making a Gratitude Jar with Your Child

By Pamela Young on 11/19/2014 | Fun & Games

Are you looking for an activity to do with your kids while they’re out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday? Here’s one that not only offers arts-n-crafts time but also helps your little ones start to develop an attitude of gratitude! Another bonus? You can do it with supplies you probably already have at home.

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Activity: GOTR Spirit Coloring - Journaling Sheet

By Celi Merchant on 8/15/2014 | Fun & Games

At Girls on the Run, we like to say “our girls say it best!” Here's a GOTR Spirit coloring/journaling sheet to help girls unleash their creativity and express themselves in a fun way.

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