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7 Ways to Achieve Back-to-School Bliss

By Emma Davis on 8/22/2018 | GOTR Picks

It’s August and many children have returned to school. If your children haven't yet done so, soon you will be getting kids on the bus, packing lunches and ensuring homework is done on time. So how do you transition from fun in the sun to a structured school routine? These tips can help!

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Internet Safety with Miss O & Friends

By Asha Ellison on 7/6/2018 | GOTR Picks

A safe social haven for girls? Yep. It’s a real thing!

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s important for a girl to have a safe space—a place where she can be her authentic self. Miss O and Friends is an online community where girls are free to engage with their peers without fear of cyberbullying, exposure to risky content or having to be anyone other than themselves.

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10 Mantras to Help You Reach Your 2018 Goals

1/12/2018 | GOTR Picks

Every January, social media feeds and conversations with family and friends are filled with "new year, new me" attitudes. From finally going for a lofty goal to making a small day-to-day change, it seems like everyone has something they want to improve. Ready to be a goal-getter in 2018? A motivating mantra is a great place to start.

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Five Fun Lap Counter Ideas for Your Girls on the Run Season

By Kenzie Kramer on 2/21/2017 | GOTR Picks

We all need a little extra motivation sometimes! To help girls track how many laps they’ve run and to encourage them to push themselves, Girls on the Run coaches can have girls write check marks on their arms with washable markers or hand out a small item after each lap. Here are just a few of the creative ways we’ve seen coaches help their girls track their progress.

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Ten Stress-Less Mantras to Remember

By Kenzie Kramer on 8/29/2016 | GOTR Picks

The autumn season is full of change – school starts back up, extracurricular activities are in full swing and the lazy days of summer are a distant memory. Big changes are usually complemented with big stress including jam-packed schedules and seemingly never-ending to-do lists. During Girls on the Run, girls learn to “Stop and take a BrThRR” when they face peer pressure, which reminds them to stop, breathe, think, respond and review. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop, take a BrThRR and remember one of these ten stress-less mantras. 

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What Were You Born to Do?

By Kenzie Kramer on 5/23/2016 | GOTR Picks

This year, Girls on the Run is celebrating 20 years of inspiring girls to activate their limitless potential. One of our core values at Girls on the Run is to express joy, optimism and gratitude through our words, thoughts and actions which is why we're asking YOU to join us in expressing joy over this milestone birthday. 

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5 Free Apps for Runners to Try

By Kenzie Kramer on 3/25/2016 | GOTR Picks

Technology and added screen time are usually seen as inhibitors for healthy habits. However, that's not always the case! With the help of a few free apps, your smart phone can help you lead a more active lifestyle and encourage you to push yourself further and faster on your next run. 

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4 Motivating Videos to Start Your Morning Off Right

By Kenzie Kramer on 3/8/2016 | GOTR Picks

One of our core values at Girls on the Run is to nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual health. If you're not a morning person, the blaring sound of your alarm is oftentimes the low of your day and can throw you into a bad mood. Start out your day by checking in on your emotional health and set yourself up for a successful day by watching one of these motivating videos first thing in the a.m. Most of them take up less time than making your pot of coffee!

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Remarkable!'s Top 10 Stories of 2014

1/7/2015 | GOTR Picks

As it says in the tag line, we launched this blog to “fuel the limitless potential in ourselves, our girls and our world!” So what have you been fueling up with this year? As Remarkable! heads into 2015, here’s a look at the 10 most-read stories since our launch in August.

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What's the Buzz? The 10 Posts Our Facebook Fans Liked Most in 2014!

By Celi Merchant on 12/30/2014 | GOTR Picks

Each month, we share a popular social media post in our Remarkable! e-newsletter to keep you in the loop on what’s inspiring and engaging GOTR supporters. In 2014, we shared news about powerful girls and women, inspirational stories and great parenting advice. Here are the top 10 posts that got you buzzing this year!

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Giving with Girls at Heart

12/1/2014 | GOTR Picks

When it comes to holiday shopping, we invite you to take a deep breath and step out of the frenzy. We also hope our online Holiday Gift Guide can help. It's teeming with Girls on the Run spirit and budget-friendly gifts that also support our mission of empowering girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.

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Tips to Make the Most of Holiday Running Events

By Pamela Young on 11/25/2014 | GOTR Picks

From Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, the holiday season is full of running events. So here are our picks of some tips to help you make the most of your running experience this holiday season!

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Fun Tips for a Healthier Halloween

By Celi Merchant on 10/31/2014 | GOTR Picks

Trick-or-treating is a fun-filled tradition for many kids. It can also be an exciting way to get the recommended 60-minutes of daily physical activity! To make for the best Halloween possible, here are some creative ideas for health and safety.

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6 Apps to Nurture Her Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Health

By Celi Merchant on 8/29/2014 | GOTR Picks

Kids spend an average of seven hours per day in front of a screen. Some of this screen time can be directed toward nurturing your girl's physical, emotional and spiritual health. Here's our pick of six apps that help encourage healthy behaviors.

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