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Keeping Up the Fight

By Cammy Nelson on 10/18/2018 | Wellness Tips

One of my favorite speakers often talks about the necessity of thanking our experiences for what they make us. I didn’t realize how true this practice was until I experienced crippling anxiety. It’s easy to look back on our lives and hold on to the moments that hurt us. We might catch ourselves blaming exes for breaking our hearts, our parents for being human when they were only trying to do the best they could or even our childhood for being painful or traumatic.


It’s also not an easy task to pick yourself up when it seems life has knocked you down – but it’s possible! I’m living proof of that.


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Living Well: Yoga for Runners

By Nina Yu on 9/26/2018 | Wellness Tips

National Women's Health and Fitness Day provided a wonderful opportunity to jump-start a yoga practice and add yoga to any running routine! Targeted yoga poses can stretch and strengthen the muscles used during a run, as well as those muscles that aren’t activated much when running. Yoga can also increase flexibility and improve range of motion. Try incorporating yoga before or after a run to warm your body up -- or to cool it down!

In this article, you will find great yoga poses to incorporate into your physical activity routine.


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5 Simple Post-Run Snacks for Kids

By Jessica Thiefels on 9/14/2018 | Wellness Tips

Post-run snacks are  important. In addition to water, there are two post-run nutrients for kids: protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help refill their empty energy tanks, while protein helps repair their tired muscles.

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Getting Started with Meditation

By Nina Yu on 8/6/2018 | Wellness Tips

One of the core values at Girls on the Run is to nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Meditation is a great way to do all three of these! Meditation is all about being in a state of awareness. I’ve started incorporating meditation into my daily routine and have seen the benefits in all aspects of my life. 

Meditation might seem difficult to someone who is just beginning the practice. Here are some simple tips to help you get started today!

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5 Ways to Beat the Heat and Conquer the Run

By Emma Davis on 8/1/2018 | Wellness Tips

Although fall is quickly approaching, in many places it’s still hot, humid and so bright outside that finding motivation to get outdoors seems to be in short supply. When it comes to running, these are not exactly the weather conditions that encourage you to take on an aerobic trek. So how does one stay motivated to run and beat the heat? There are a few ways to power through it!

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10 Running Mantras to Help You Train for Your 5K

By Haley Warner on 3/15/2018 | Wellness Tips

Whether you're training for your first 5K or your fiftieth, a mantra can be that extra support you need while running. An uplifting saying can ignite the fire within you and motivate you to finish strong. What will be your race mantra?  

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5 Ways to Nurture Emotional Wellness Today

By Asha Ellison on 2/22/2018 | Wellness Tips

With so much technology surrounding us, it is easy to get lost in the matrix of media messaging. While it’s become the norm to be plugged in to communication at all times, instant access to technology, paired with the demands of our personal lives, can leave us feeling frazzled and frustrated. We are connected to everything from world news to pop culture and politics. We receive mixed messages from doctors and influencers to family and friends about topics such as health, fitness, finance and quality of life. Oftentimes, we feel like we can’t keep up or, worse, that we don’t measure up.

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The Best Tool for Setting Goals That Are Both Challenging and Achievable

By Kenzie Kramer on 1/30/2018 | Wellness Tips

As a coach for Girls on the Run, one of my favorite things is watching each girl realize she’ll be doing a 5K. This typically happens at the first practice when girls share what they already know about Girls on the Run: we do fun cheers at the end of practice, we play games that are related to the theme of the day, we can go at whatever pace as long as we’re challenging ourselves, and we run/walk a 5K at the end of the season. At the start of the season, it’s rare to see a ten-year-old girl who looks confident about completing 3.1 miles, but after ten weeks of going a little further each day, the same tentative girls are the ones ready and waiting at the start line of their first 5K.

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Seven Tips for Getting Your Kid to Put Their Phone Away and Be Active

By Heather Pressley, PhD on 10/24/2017 | Wellness Tips

Technology is an enormous part of kids’ lives today and, while it has many benefits, the negative effects include increased sedentary behavior and a decreased physical activity. In many schools, children are using laptops or other electronic devices for most of the day and kids continue to get smartphones at a younger age.

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How Can I Help My Daughter Have a Healthy Body Image?

By Heather Pressley, PhD on 10/24/2017 | Wellness Tips

Raising a girl with a healthy body image is complicated but worth it. If she can be free of limiting, external expectations about her body, then she can be free to truly be herself and free to truly pursue her potential. 

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Self-Love Starts with Liking Yourself

By Michelle Barichello on 10/16/2017 | Wellness Tips

Self-love begins with liking yourself, and this only gets harder as we become adults. Let’s encourage girls to see the beauty of hanging out with themselves now so they’ll become their own best friends for life.

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Take Care of Your Body With These 6 Quick Warm-Ups and Cool Downs

7/27/2017 | Wellness Tips

For most of us, squeezing in time to do something good for our bodies each day can be a challenge and when you’re tight on time, the first things that typically get cut are the warm-up and cool down. Getting your body loosened up and giving it time to slow down gradually are crucial for taking care of your muscles! Give your body a little extra love by adding one of these quick and easy pre- and post-workout routines to your next run.

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Ten Mantras to Get You Through a Difficult Run

By Kenzie Kramer on 3/21/2017 | Wellness Tips

When training for a race or another event, have you ever had the experience where completing a certain distance feels like an effortless walk in the park, but the next day the same distance feels like running up a mountain in a hail storm? During Girls on the Run, girls learn about the power of positive self-talk and how telling ourselves positive affirmations can help us in difficult situations. For those days when it feels like you're running through a hail storm, channel positive self-talk by having a mantra - something to repeatedly tell yourself to encourage you to keep going. 

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8 Things You Should Know When Preparing for Your First 5K

1/4/2017 | Wellness Tips

Running your first 5K can be an intimidating goal for girls and adults alike. Each year, thousands of Girls on the Run participants cross the finish line of their first 5K event. Along with the girls who are completing their first 5K, many of the running buddies who are with them are also accomplishing their goal of running a 5K!

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Five Tips for Raising an Emotionally Strong Girl

By Joy Hartman on 10/6/2016 | Wellness Tips

We seem to have measurements for everything these days. In the first seconds of life, our kids’ physical health is measured with weight and length. In schools, we have standardized tests and grades to measure our kid’s academic strengths.  But how can we measure our kid’s emotional strength? 

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Three Tips for a Healthy Fall

By Francine Labiran on 10/4/2016 | Wellness Tips

Fall is here, and that means cooler weather, cozy sweaters, changing colors, and a great time to revamp your healthy lifestyle! These three tips will have you feeling great throughout the entire season and help make this your best fall yet.

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Fueling Our Healthy Pace: Banana Nice Cream

By Hilliary Meisner on 9/27/2016 | Wellness Tips

As the days begin to get shorter, and the nights a bit cooler I find myself grasping to all things summer!  While fall is one of my favorite times of year, I have to say it is sad to see summer come to an end.  So in an effort to hold onto summer for as long as I can, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite warm weather treats! 

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Six Smart Tips to Stay Motivated to Run This Summer

By Kenzie Kramer on 8/9/2016 | Wellness Tips

Nothing crushes your motivation to run as much as stepping outside and realizing that the weather is not what you anticipated. When the temperatures rise, so does the temptation to stay inside with the air conditioner on full blast. For tips on how to stay motivated to lace up, we talked to running bloggers about how they continue to pound the pavement during sweltering summer heat.

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That Time an Elephant Joined Me for My Run

By Leigh-Ann Mueller on 5/25/2016 | Wellness Tips

When the temperature rises, it can feel like a ten ton elephant is weighing you down while you run. Triathlete and coach Leigh-Ann Mueller shares five tips for safely adjusting to warm-weather running. 

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Get Your Daily Dose

By Kira Montuori on 5/16/2016 | Wellness Tips

I don't like taking medicine.  My go-to remedies of choice are sleep and exercise.  When I'm out of balance with either… well, it's not so pretty.  

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Easy Sweet Potato Dessert

By Kenzie Kramer on 3/17/2016 | Wellness Tips

Sweet potatoes are known for Thanksgiving side dishes and as a delicious french fry alternative. Luckily, this tasty root vegetable is also loaded with vitamin A and fiber and when they're not topped with marshmallows and loads of butter, are a good-for-you veggie to fill your plate with. 

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The Race That Matters

By Kira Montuori on 3/1/2016 | Wellness Tips

The other day my daughter asked if she could get a Fitbit. In my head I rattled off 28 reasons why this is a 'FO SHO NO'.  But don’t get me wrong, I think they’re great.  I have one. I'm not opposed to my daughter seeking to achieve, win, succeed and rise above.  In fact, I strongly and consistently encourage her to do so. I do, though, have deep reservations of doing so at the cost of a friendship. 

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Winter Running Tips

By Kenzie Kramer on 2/12/2016 | Wellness Tips

With winter's chilly temps and short days, it's tempting to pass up running in exchange for a cozy blanket and couch time. As we all know, exercise is key for overall well-being and running is a great way to get up and get moving. To help make getting outdoors feel more doable, we talked to four running bloggers about their must-know tips for wintertime running. 

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15 Ways to be Your Own Valentine

By Kenzie Kramer on 2/10/2016 | Wellness Tips

When life gets busy, it's easy to forget an important relationship in our lives: The one with ourselves. Self-care is a necessary part of living a balanced life but can quickly fall by the wayside when we get wrapped up with work, family and other responsibilities. 

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25 Ways to Stay Positive Any Day

By Julie Wunder on 1/13/2016 | Wellness Tips

So much of our own happiness depends on how we deal with our day-to-day experiences.  Life can be hard, but choosing to stay positive is a key to living a joyful life.  And if you are joyful, that is even more positive energy you can feed back into worthy causes like Girls on the Run!

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Healthy Snacks for Kids

By Jessica Willard on 8/18/2015 | Wellness Tips

Snacking can help kids maintain their energy, provide fuel for after-school activities and fill in the nutrition gaps of their diets. While it may seem convenient to parents to stock up on multi-packs of packaged potato chips or sugary candy, opt instead for wholesome snacks which give your child the nutrition her developing body needs.

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Wellness Tip: Cultivate Supportive Connections

By Suzanna McCloskey on 7/15/2015 | Wellness Tips

At Girls on the Run, we believe in nurturing our physical, emotional and spiritual health. One way to stay emotionally and spiritually strong is by cultivating supportive, positive relationships.

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Wellness Tip: Run-Day Pointers

By Pamela Young on 4/23/2015 | Wellness Tips

Girls on the Run uses running as a learning tool and a way for girls to experience that big things are possible when you keep moving forward. Not surprisingly many of our coaches, volunteers, supporters and staff find empowerment in running as well. For this month’s Wellness Tip, we asked some of the avid runners on our staff to share the go-to techniques they use immediately preceding and following a run.

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Wellness Tip: Breaking the Stress Cycle

By Pamela Young on 3/23/2015 | Wellness Tips

Through science, we’re realizing that the phrase “can’t handle the pressure” is more accurately applied to our bodies than our minds. When threatened or stressed, our bodies mount a chemical response, and when that response persists or recurs frequently, it can affect our physical wellness in serious ways. Here are a few proven tips to help manage your body's stress load.

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Wellness Tip: Fortifying Your Child's Immune System

By Pamela Young on 1/23/2015 | Wellness Tips

In the thick of cold and flu season, many of us are breaking out the over-the-counter products that promise to give our immune systems a boost. But what about our kids? How can we put them on the best footing to avoid whatever illness is making its way around the school? Here are seven tips to keep their sick days in check.

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Wellness Tip: Getting Beyond Resolutions

By Pamela Young on 12/19/2014 | Wellness Tips

If you dissect the term "resolution," it literally means to repeat a solution. It's no wonder so many of us end up making (and breaking) the same resolutions over and over again. But that doesn't mean you can't make meaningful changes in the coming year. Here's a different approach.

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Wellness Tip: Strong Because...

By Pamela Young on 10/23/2014 | Wellness Tips

Girls receive many messages from media, peers and other influencers—and many of them do nothing to build confidence. What if your girl could strengthen her own voice against the chatter? Here’s an activity that can help the girl in your world learn to be a positive voice for herself.  (Hint: It also works for grown ups.)

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Wellness Tip: Boost Their Day & Yours with Sidewalk Talk

By Pamela Young on 9/25/2014 | Wellness Tips

Did you know that doing good things for others is also good for your own health? Here’s a “win-win” post-back-to-school wellness tip you can use to help you and the school-aged kids in your world. All you need is a sidewalk or paved walkway, some chalk and some goodwill.

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Wellness Tip: Setting the Stage for Sleep

By Pamela Young on 8/27/2014 | Wellness Tips

Sleep does everything from giving our brains a chance to refresh, to boosting our immune function and influencing the release of important regulatory hormones. Fostering good sleep is an important part of nurturing our physical health. Here are a few practices that can play a role in your overall sleep strategy.

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Wellness Tip: Positively Impactful

By Pamela Young on 8/17/2014 | Wellness Tips

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves, but turning negative self-talk in a positive direction has been proven to improve mood and outlook. And it's a habit you can learn!

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Wellness Tip: Growing Gratitude

By Pamela Young on 8/15/2014 | Wellness Tips

Gratitude is good for you. Research shows a direct link between gratitude and happiness, good health and even financial stability. Best yet, gratitude is something you can actively develop. Using a gratitude jar is one simple way to do that. Here’s how it works.

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