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What's New with the One in a Million Celebration?

Posted on 4/10/2015 |


The festivities continue for Girls on the Run serving one million girls! As the girls in our program are preparing for the 5k events that celebrate the conclusion of each program season, we are celebrating serving our millionth girl with two virtual festivities!

The One in a Million Challenge

Because we never would have reached this million-girl milestone without your support, we want to celebrate you and all of the people that lift you up and make a difference in your world! You are One in a Million to Girls on the Run. Who is one in a million to you? Let’s build a chain of affirmation!

We invite you to take The One in a Million Challenge:

1. Post a photo of someone you think is one in a million. Share why, and tag your photo #M1LLION.

2. Make a donation in honor of your one-in-a-million person at Every dollar counts!

3. Tag your one-in-a-million person in the photo and ask them to accept the One in a Million Challenge by posting a photo and making a donation in honor of someone they think is one in a million!

People from coast to coast are starting to take the challenge. When Morgan Deloach, AZ, took the challenge by honoring her friend Sydney McLamb, she said “Sydney is one of the most supportive, trustworthy, honest, hardworking and fun people I know. She is truly a great friend to have, and that is why she's my one in a million for the Girls on the Run â€ª#‎M1LLION campaign that supports Building Strong Girls!" Now Morgan’s tribute is Sydney’s challenge to honor someone who’s one in a million to her.

Just think how many people can we uplift together?

The "What Makes Me One in a Million?" Contest

When all is said and done, serving one million girls is about the girls themselves, so we’re holding a contest for all current Girls on the Run participants! Simply download this What Makes Me One in a Million entry form with a journaling/coloring sheet for your GOTR girl to tell us why she’s unique and awesome! Your girl could win $250 for herself and $250 for the local Girls on the Council where she participates.

The contest is open to all girls who are registered participants in the Girls on the Run Spring 2015 season. We’ll pick three winners based on creativity, inspirational value and appropriateness to the content theme. All entries must be postmarked by May 20, 2015, and received by May 25, 2015.

So join us in celebrating reaching one million girls with our mission to inspire girls to the joyful, healthy and confident!


PLUS . . . Each week, we’re publishing Q&As with remarkable women who are making contributions to empowering girls and women. Check out what these women have to say about being one in a million! 

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