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For International Women's Day

Posted Pamela Young on 3/8/2015 |


Today is International Women’s Day. A salute to strong, beautiful, smart, remarkable women who come in all shapes, sizes and shades. Every woman . . . every girl.

At Girls on the Run, we are surrounded by remarkable women who breathe life into our work and deliver our curriculum at thousands of sites from coast to coast. Best yet, we have the privilege of working with tomorrow’s women—of helping them grow into the strong, beautiful, smart, remarkable women who will change the world (and already are).

Life is bursting with examples of women making it happen in momentous strides or in small personal gains.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Make it Happen.” Life is bursting with examples of women making it happen in momentous strides or in small personal gains—many more than we could ever publish here. But on this International Women’s Day, we hope you enjoy these few stories of some remarkable women and girls who have crossed our path.

Girls like Ella who, now 9 years old, has run three triathlons to help raise money for girls to participate in Girls on the Run, or third-grader Genna, whose spirit triumphs adversity, inspires her team and caught the attention of global health organization Cigna. These two girls are unleashing their limitless potential and making it happen… and they are not the only ones.  

Genna’s story: Can-Do Spirit Leads to Disney 5k

Ella’s story: Small Shoes, Big Feat

The current Girls on the Run Wondergirl winner, Janet, is an alumna who has gone on to help people as a nurse at one of the most respected medical facilities in North America. Recent alumna, Hadleigh, is traveling the country speaking out to teens about bullying.

Janet’s insight: Wondergirl Q&A

Hadleigh’s message: Be the Light

And of course there are the trailblazers who are making it happen by being the first, making waves, or thinking, living and working outside the box. Women like Kathrine Switzer, Jess Weiner, Sha’Condria “iCon” Sibley, Renee Trudeau and all of the remarkable women we’re featuring in interviews weekly from now through June to celebrate Girls on the Run serving one million girls.

Q&As with Remarkable Women

At Girls on the Run, we celebrate all women and honor every person working toward a world where every girl . . . and woman . . . can know and activate her limitless potential. Keep making it happen.

Add your support to Interntaional Women's Day by posting on social media today with the hashtag #MakeItHappen and #InternationalWomensDay. You can share this story or your own perspective on celebrating the day.


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