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Small Shoes. Big Feat.

Posted Pamela Young on 8/18/2014 |

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Meet eight year old Ella, who is training for her third triathlon as a Girls on the Run SoleMate! SoleMates raise money for Girls on the Run (GOTR) while participating in the athletic event of their choice. Ella may be our youngest SoleMate, but she’s big on inspiration and results! Says Ella, “Girls on the Run inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle. Last year I raised a little over $1000 for scholarships. This helped five girls! Now I want to do more!

This year Ella hopes to raise $1200 to provide scholarships for six girls to be a part of the GOTR program where she lives. The triathlon in which she’s participating is September 28, so her training and fundraising are both in full swing!

“Ella is strong and determined, but the most exceptional thing about her is her big heart.”

Juliellen Simpson-Vos, the GOTR council director in the region, shares this about Ella: “Ella understands that being a SoleMate is about raising money so that more girls can participate in Girls on the Run. She really understands how important it is to live a joyful, healthy and confident life and wants to make sure that every girl has a chance live out that opportunity.”

Ella also understands the amount of work and dedication that goes into a triathalon. You might even say it’s in her blood. Her grandfather ran marathons, and both her mother and father are triathletes. Ella herself has run several GOTR 5ks and participated in two other youth triathlons. In this event, she’ll swim two full laps (100 yards), bike two miles and run 1k. But for Ella—and all our SoleMates—it’s about more than fitness or competition.

Says Juliellen, “Ella is strong and determined, but the most exceptional thing about her is her big heart. She doesn’t do things for attention. She acts because she thinks and feels deeply. She’s a wonderful representation of how girls have the power to make a difference because they put their mind, body and soul behind it.

Want to learn more about Girls on the Run SoleMates? Click here.

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