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Athleta Asks "Who Powers You?"

Posted on 1/28/2015 |


One million girls.

One million chances to turn back, give up, take a step back.

One million ways to prove they had what it takes.

They had confidence, coaches and each other for power.


We’re racing for a cause, but it’s not just any cause. Girls on the Run powered 1 million girls to reach their potential and we’re inspired to do the same. Join us in a virtual relay to celebrate all the women who power us to do what we never thought possible. And passing the baton for them to do the same.

Until Monday, February 16, tag or tweet a woman who powers you with #PowerToTheShe, and challenge her to rally someone else to the cause. For every post or photo on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram Athleta will donate $1 to Girls on the Run. All the way up to $25,000.

So are you in? Do you have what it takes? One million girls say YES!


This story also appears on Athleta's Chi Blog.

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