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Remarkable!'s Top 10 Stories of 2014

Posted on 1/7/2015 |

GOTR Picks

As it says in the tag line, we launched this blog to “fuel the limitless potential in ourselves, our girls and our world!” So what have you been fueling up with this year? As Remarkable! heads into 2015, here’s a look at the top 10 stories since our launch this past August.

1. Pointers from the Program: How Girls Learn to Stand Up for Themselves & Others
By Heather Britt, PhD

One of the core values of Girls on the Run is “Stand up for ourselves and others.” But how do we equip our girls to activate that value in their own lives—especially in a world that often teaches them that putting others’ needs first is expected of girls and women, and standing up for yourself is selfish or pushy? Confidence is part of the formula, and this installment of the column “Pointers from the Program” shares some insight on the subject.  Read more >>

2. 6 Apps to Nurture Her Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Health 
By Celi Merchant

Kids spend an average of seven hours per day in front of a screen. Some of this screen time can be directed toward nurturing your girl's physical, emotional and spiritual health. Here's our pick of six apps that help encourage healthy behaviors.  Read more >>

3. Running Our Lives 
By Elizabeth Kunz

In this perspective piece, Elizabeth Kunz, CEO of Girls on the Run International, looks beyond running to share what Girls on the Run is about at its core and how activity and movement fit into the picture. Are you "at one" with Girls on the Run? Read on to find out. Read more >>

4. Bloom Where You Are: The "Not Enough" Fallacy 
By Mandy Murphy

Written by our director of professional development, Mandy Murphy, “Bloom Where You Are” is a column that shares thoughts and insight about personal development and balance. This first installment explores the "not enough" perspective that many women embrace to the detriment of their own wellbeing.  Read more >>

5. Who's Got Spirit? You! 
By Celi Merchant

GOTR Spirit is leading with an open heart, inspiring joy, impacting our community and the many other uplifting values that grow from activating our limitless potential. We have opportunities to live out our GOTR spirit every day… but on GOTR Spirit Day, September 26 2014, we invited everyone to celebrate it together from coast to coast!  Read more >>

6. Activity: Helping Your Girl Take a Stand Against Bullying 
By Pamela Young

What can you do with your daughter or the girls in your world to help them recognize and respond to bullying? Here are some talking points and a fun activity to do together. We first ran this story in October for National Bullying Prevention Month, but the topic is valid at any time of year.  Read more >>

7. Pointers from the Program: Encouraging Girls to Make Thoughtful Decisions 
By Allison Riley, PhD

Elementary and middle school girls make complex decisions each day. Should I go with the crowd or stand up for what I believe? Should I continue the gossip chain or choose to stop it with me? At Girls on the Run, we help our girls learn to make intentional and thoughtful decisions when it comes to themselves, their relationships and their community. This installment of the column “Pointers from the Program” shares some insight on the subject.  Read more >>

8. How to Talk to Your Girl About Difficult Events 
By Michelle Klavohn

It can be tricky to navigate conversations about sensitive issues. A traumatic event like 9/11. A death in the family. Parents splitting up. These events are hard to discuss with children for a number of reasons, but it's an important part of nurturing their growth. Written by guest author and family coach, Michelle Klavohn, these guidelines might help you find a sense of direction for approaching difficult subjects.  Read more >>

9. DIY: Making a Gratitude Jar with Your Child 
By Pamela Young

Are you looking for an activity to do with your kids after school or on a rainy day? Here’s one that not only offers arts-n-crafts time but also helps your little ones start to develop an attitude of gratitude! We ran this story during the Thanksgiving break, but gratitude is good to practice all year long. Another bonus? You can do this with supplies you probably already have at home.  Read more >>

10. SoleMate Katherine Is Millionth Finisher in NYC Marathon 
By Pamela Young and GOTR NYC

On November 3, Katherine Slingluff—a SoleMate for Girls on the Run NYC—was the one-millionth finisher in the 44-year history of the NYC Marathon! Girls on the Run is proud of all of our SoleMates who fundraise while training for and participating in marathons, triathlons, fun runs and other athletic events. Read on about Katherine's significant finish.


Honorable Mention:
Leveraging Our Differences 
By Douglass L. Jackson, DMD, MS, PhD

Among the 25 most-viewed stories on the Remarkable! blog, this perspective piece was also a favorite of subscribers to the monthly Remarkable! e-publication. Written by Girls on the Run International Board member Douglass Jackson, DMD, MS, PhD—whose life’s work focuses on diversity, inclusion and cultural competency—it shares how Girls on the Run expresses one of our six core values: “Embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness.”  Read more >>

As always, thanks for reading!


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