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What's the Buzz? The 10 Posts Our Facebook Fans Liked Most in 2014!

Posted Celi Merchant on 12/30/2014 |

GOTR Picks

Each month, we share a popular social media post in our Remarkable! e-newsletter to keep you in the loop on what’s inspiring and engaging GOTR supporters. In 2014, we shared news about powerful girls and women, inspirational stories and great parenting advice. Here are the top 10 posts that got you buzzing this year (as determined by the number of people reached on Facebook):

1.  Yellowberry: Meet the Teen Titan Who is Taking on the Youth Bra Industry

Megan Grassell is a living example that you can inspire change at any age. When she took her sister to the buy her first bra, they had trouble finding any age-appropriate options. As a high school senior, Megan founded her company Yellowberry to provide cute, realistic bras for girls ages 11-15. Our post about Yellowberry in April reached over 2.5 million people (our most popular post ever)!

2.  10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out

While participating in an exercise class, Brynn Harrington was taken aback by her instructor’s comment “Picture how you’ll look in that dress!” Brynn was concerned about how her 3-year-old daughter might process those words. She decided to make a list of what she wants her daughter to feel about working out that doesn’t include seeing exercise as an obligation to make you look better.

3.  25 Ways to Ask Your Kids “So how was school today?” Without Asking Them “So how was school today?”

“Fine.” That is the answer you’ll get from most kids if you ask how their day went. If you’d like a more insightful answer, Liz from Simple Simon and Co. has ten engaging questions to ask about school. Kim, a commenter on our post, shared that she asked her nieces a random question from the list after school every day for a year. They had fun answering the questions and she got to actually learn something about their day!

4.   The real story behind this photo…
One of our Girls on the Run core values is to “stand up for ourselves and others.” On March 26th, 2014, we stood up for Tara and Monika, board members for Girls on the Run San Diego. A photo of the pair was used by Self Magazine to make fun of the trend of runners wearing tutus. Tara and Monika make these tutus and actually founded their company Glam Runner to raise funds for their local Girls on the Run council. The photo used is particularly special because it shows the duo running the LA Marathon while Monika was receiving chemotherapy treatments for inoperable brain cancer. When we stood up for Tara and Monika, the support shown in the comments of this post and across the internet were overwhelming!

5.   Self Magazine apologizes for mocking cancer patient
Just two days after we shared the post above, Monika was featured on CBS News to talk about the controversy. She stood up for herself and beautifully represented what it means to be part of Girls on the Run. We pointed to the coverage as a follow up to our original post.

6.  Emma Watson Delivers Game-Changing Speech on Feminism for the U.N.
In September, Emma Watson launched the United National campaign HeForShe, which aims to galvanize one billion men and boys as advocates for ending the inequalities that women and girl face globally. Her impassioned speech resonated with our followers and we are so grateful for the role model that Emma Watson has become.

7.  52 Powerful Photos of Women Who Changed History Forever
We were happy to share a photo series of women who changed history “by being strong, brave, and human, regardless of society’s expectations for them.” We are honored to have the chance to meet one of these heroes when Katherine Switzer joins us as the keynote speaker for our annual Girls on the Run Summit!

8.  Lorde Found a Photoshopped Photo of Herself and Decided to Tweet an Untouched Real One Next to It
“Real beauty” is an important topic that we cover with our GOTR girls. We were encouraged when we saw that Lorde shared two photos of herself on Twitter, one edited and one not. Everyone could use a reminder that “flaws are ok :-)”

9.  This Pair’s Beautiful Friendship Will Fill Your Heart with March Gladness
While the month of March has many basketball fans a bit “mad,” this story of an unlikely friendship made us joyful. Michigan State basketball player Adreian Payne and 8-year-old Lucy shared a special bond and helped each other overcome obstacles. Our hearts go out to the family of Lucy, who has since passed from cancer.

10.  Colbie Caillat is Tired of Being Photoshopped: Here’s What She Did About It
Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat used the video for her summer single “Try” as an opportunity to spread a positive message. In the song, she tells listeners that you don’t have to try to fit into anybody else’s standards as long as you like yourself. Be sure to watch the video and read more about Colbie Callait’s inspiration for writing the song!

Honorable Mention: Power Up for Girls on the Run campaign
In August, we teamed up with our partner Athleta and photographer Kate T. Parker to share the Power Up for Girls on the Run photo series. Though no single post made the top 10, our #PowerUPGOTR posts collectively reached over 300,000 people on Facebook alone. Be sure to check out the inspiring images for yourself!

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