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Congrats to the 2014 Wondergirl Award Winner!

Posted on 12/22/2014 |


Every year, we recognize a Girls on the Run alumnae who is embracing joy, health and confidence in her life. We recently accepted entries for our 2014 Wondergirl Award. Applicants were asked to share how Girls on the Run empowered them to activate their limitless potential and boldly pursue their dreams. We were so inspired by all of the beautiful entries. We appreciate each alum who took the time to share her story with us!

We are pleased to announce the winner of our 2014 Wondergirl Award, Janet Taves. Janet was a girl on the run when she lived in Holland, Michigan, and she is now a registered nurse at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She will join us in January to accept her award at the annual Girls on the Run Summit in San Diego.

I activate my limitless potential through taking small steps in the right direction. 

Q: What is your favorite Girls on the Run memory?

Janet: I have so many fond memories of my time with Girls on the Run. I still clearly remember running through the hallways of my middle school and listening to the different lessons. More than that, I remember the awesome coaches that poured into us girls. Our head coach knit all of the girls on our team maroon scarves that we loved and wore throughout the season.

I think overall my favorite memory is running the 5k at the end of the program and seeing my parents cheer me on as I accomplished a huge goal.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned from Girls on the Run?

Janet: One of the most important lessons I learned through the program was the importance of having a positive attitude. At the beginning of each practice our coach would encourage us to picture lots of colorful cords and one dark cord sticking out of our heads. She compared this dark one to the frustrations and negative thoughts about ourselves and others we had throughout the day. She would then have us all pretend to pull it out, leaving all negative thoughts and attitudes behind. This was one analogy I always remembered, and it helped to create a foundation for positive thinking.

How do you activate your limitless potential?

Janet: I activate my limitless potential through taking small steps in the right direction. Not every day presents an opportunity for a moment of greatness or a big step forward. It is in the small, dedicated, determined and faithful steps over time that our potential develops and sets sail. Cross country taught me this well. One fast interval workout will not activate your potential to hit your fastest time, it takes dedicated, determined hours of practice over a season to hit your limitless potential. We need to work hard with integrity each day to reach the results of what our potential can be.

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