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NEW! Motivational 5K Cheer Signs

Posted Asha Ellison on 10/29/2018 |

Coach's Corner

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Pretty soon you and your girls will make your way to the end-of-season 5K event! This is the time where teams come together and celebrate the accomplishment of girls setting a goal to and preparing to cross the finish line. This moment, celebrated with friends, family, teachers/school administrators and other members of the community, will be the beginning of many more victories GOTR girls will experience in their lives!

You encouraged your girls well and kept them motivated along the way. You helped your girls find their confidence in moments of uncertainty; you ran a lap or two with them to troubleshoot or ponder the complexities of girl-life and you inspired them to go many an extra mile. You observed your girls helping each other, finding their Star Power and embracing the concept of extending the Girl Wheel.

Your girls have made incredible strides toward their seasonal feat – but it doesn’t stop here!

Click the images below to download some fun, festive and vibrant 5K cheer signs to help your girl go her best 3.1 miles yet!

Find the date of your local Girls on the Run 5K event here.

Download the Activate Your Star Power sign here

Download the You = Awesome sign here

Download the Superstar sign here

Click here to download all of the 5K cheer signs.


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