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Keeping Up the Fight

Posted Cammy Nelson on 10/18/2018 |

Wellness Tips

One of my favorite speakers often talks about the necessity of thanking our experiences for what they make us. I didn’t realize how true this practice was until I experienced crippling anxiety. It’s easy to look back on our lives and hold on to the moments that hurt us. We might catch ourselves blaming exes for breaking our hearts, our parents for being human when they were only trying to do the best they could or even our childhood for being painful or traumatic.

It’s also not an easy task to pick yourself up when it seems life has knocked you down – but it’s possible! I’m living proof of that.

Perhaps, the hardest part of getting up is embracing who you are in the very moment that you try. No, you’re not that little girl anymore and you’re no longer in that troubled relationship. And, although it’s scary, there’s nothing you can do about the past. Your life is happening right now. Instead of giving power to the past, I propose we, you and I, try something new. We can take back our lives, fight the good fight, and boldly pursue our dreams in true Girls on the Run fashion!

Anxiety is painful, but I made it through! How did I move from a debilitating place to reclaiming my power? I took action to get my life back. ME. I did. I stood up and I made the changes I needed to make. I woke up one morning and decided I didn’t want to spend one more day living life on the verge of tears, wondering what was wrong with me – so, I empowered myself to fight. And, so can you.

My experience with anxiety and managing my mental health taught me that I am so very strong. I have been to the bottom and felt the weight of anxious despair. But I have also learned that I am an overcomer and a survivor!

When you find yourself struggling with the circumstances of life, don’t give up and don’t remain silent! If you can make it through the moment, there will be something brighter on the other side.

There is often stigma around the topic of mental health but here are some things that will carry you through. It’s OK to:


Cry it out. Sometimes, I had to put myself to bed and sleep through the tears but, when I got out of bed the next morning, I picked up the phone and called for help.


Talk about it. I went to therapy. I got myself out of a toxic situation and I sought medical treatment. I did that. What a triumphant moment it is to still be able to make choices when anxiety wants you to believe you are alone and constantly failing.


Not listen to the lie. I could have given in and believed the anxiety, but my will to fight fear and the voice of the oppressor in my head tu me into a warrior.

Please let me be clear: I am no different from you. I am special and loved in the exact same way you are special and loved. I’m unique, just like everyone else. YOU are the only one who can grab your life by the shoulders and turn it around. You. You are just as capable as anyone. You are just as strong. Our battles may look and sound a little different, but, at the core, we are fighting the same fight.

Retrospection is always so much easier than dissecting our circumstances in the moment. As I look back on my worst nights, I realize I was the one holding on to unrealistic expectations of myself that contributed to the feelings of worry and failure that are often associated with anxiety. They were my own expectations.

We are not perfect people and will always be works in progress. I am still working through those expectations daily, but I also continue to learn about and implement self-compassion and I keep moving forward. Each day is a new day to try again and I am infinitely grateful for that.

What is a personal battle you’re over coming? Let’s share with and encourage each other through it!

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