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Say it Loud: The Power of the Girl Voice

Posted Asha Ellison on 10/11/2018 |


International Day of the Girl is all about celebrating girl power and encouraging girls to leave their mark on the world! This year, during the #LetsTellHer campaign for International Day of the Girl, Girls on the Run highlighted super girls like Kindhearted Kenidra who sounded off against gun violence, Magnificent Megan who lent her voice to safety, the Wise Wijsens who successfully spoke out about saving the environment and Amicable Acacia who helped heal the hurting with encouraging dialogue and a focus on friendship.

But, these five girls aren’t done using their voices to positively impact people and communities all across the globe. They continue on -- in solidarity with every girl who leads the way to change each day.

At Girls on the Run, we believe girls have always had the power to change the world. Whether she’s your neighbor, someone you coach, your child’s classmate or a complete stranger, the one thing you should know about her is this: her potential is unconditional and limitless.

We know that one day just isn’t enough to magnify the voices of girls who are lending their voices to change. As we continue to hear the collective girl-voice grow louder, we want to leave you with more mighty mavens to consider.

Here are a few more girls we admire. Meet:

  1. Marley Dias, author

Representation matters: When Marley Dias tired of not seeing girls who look like her in children's literature, she took matters into her own hands. Subsequently, she also partnered with Elle Magazine to become editor of her own e-zine, Marley Mag. Originally posted on The Culture - For Harriet.


2. Audrey Larson, inventor

Keeping kids safe: 14-year-old Audrey Larson invented the Safe K.I.D.S. bullet-proof shield to help schoolchildren protect themselves in dangerous situations. Originally posted on Good Morning America.


3. Emma Gonzalez, activist

From hurting to healing: Emma Gonzalez became the voice of the broken after the notorious shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in February 2018. Since then, Emma has become an advocate for the safety of students in classrooms across the nation. Here, she speaks at length with Variety regarding how her life has changed.


4. Veniece Miller, Lindsey Luis Washington, Megan Dombrowski and Amethyst O’Connell, voting advocates

Pictured above: Veniece Miller and friends.

Take it to the polls: Thanks to School the Vote, young voting advocates like Miller, Washington, Dombrowski and O'Connell are encouraging young people to ensure their voices are heard at the polls. Originally posted on Upworthy.


5. Maya Penn, environmental activist, author & entrepreneur

Who saves the world? Girls!: Maya initially set out on a mission to save the planet before she turned 18 years old. What she has accomplished in the time leading up to age 18 is impressive: an eco-friendly clothing line, published books on environmental wellness, hosted a TED Talk and started her own nonprofit organization. Originally posted on Nation Swell.


Know an inspiring girl whose voice should be heard? Share in the comments!  


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