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7 Ways to Achieve Back-to-School Bliss

Posted Emma Davis on 8/22/2018 |

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It’s August and many children have returned to school. If your children haven't yet done so, soon you will be getting kids on the bus, packing lunches and ensuring homework is done on time. So how do you transition from fun in the sun to a structured school routine? These tips can help!


Keep It Positive

When discussing heading back to school with the kids, it is important to present the idea in a positive light. This will help kids develop a healthy attitude during the back-to-school transition and encourage you to keep your head up as well. Talk with your kids and identify together the positives of heading back to school: reconnecting with friends, getting involved in afterschool activities or sports, and seeing their favorite teacher(s), etc.


Set Goals

To instill that motivated, go-getter attitude, help your children identify some goals for the school year. Maybe it is making a new friend or earning a good grade in math. Whatever the goal, make sure it is something attainable, but that your child will be excited about working towards. Write these goals down and keep them readily available to reflect upon throughout the year.


Shop Smart

The start of a new school year involves the infamous back-to-school shopping trip. While this process may be time-consuming and stressful, help kids get excited about the approaching school year by letting them personalize their school supplies. Purchase notebooks and writing supplies that reflect their unique personalities, or buy a pack of stickers for them to decorate their notebooks themselves. This provides an opportunity to spend time with your kids before they head back to school and gets them excited about using their new, personalized supplies.


TIP: If you’re like us and struggle with back-to-school chaos, ordering supplies online is a great option. This will provide additional quality time with your children and less superstore stress for you!


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Eat Well

One of the things summer often brings is an irregular diet. Before the kids head back to school, gradually curtail their sugar intake and start introducing a more routine, healthy diet. This will not only prepare them to make healthy choices at school, but also give them the energy and boosted immunity to start school on the right foot.


Get A Plan

Before the school day routine takes your children by surprise, create a schedule of how each day will go and let them in on the plan. Discuss what time they will wake in the morning, how they will get home and any afterschool activities. This way, everyone is on the same page and prepared to start the year as a team.


Set the Homework Scene

When kids come home from school, it is important that they have a place to concentrate and complete homework. Prior to the first day of school, set up a designated homework area. Showing this ahead of time can help children mentally prepare for the academic coursework they will tackle while enticing them with a new and personalized space.


Get Familiar, Not Anxious

If your children have anxiety about the new school year, be sure to reassure them of the exciting things to come. You may also choose to help familiarize them with the school itself by taking them to a Meet-the-Teacher event or taking a trip to the school to play on the playground or explore the grounds. It is also helpful to have a familiar face greet them on their first day. Reach out to the teacher and inquire about the class roster to connect your children with friends in the same class. Walking in to see people they know will make the classroom environment less intimidating.



So what are you waiting for? Back-to-school bliss is just around the corner!

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