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Five Ways to Make Your Team’s Practice 5K Memorable

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 4/17/2018 |

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Hair coloring, face painting, dancing, cheer stations – each Girls on the Run 5K event is packed with motivating moments that remind girls they’ve put in the work and are ready to complete their first 5K! But before girls get to the start line, they have a ten-week season with twenty practices where they run, learn new skills and grow as a team, including one practice where they complete a practice 5K to prepare for their big culminating event.

The practice 5K is a key lesson where girls reach a goal that many of them think isn’t possible at the start of the season. Three miles is no easy feat for a ten year old, which is why it’s important to encourage girls along the way!

Here are just a few ways you can support your GOTR team on practice 5K day: 

Bring Music: A fun, kid-friendly playlist is a great way to increase the enthusiasm during your practice 5K. Using a wireless speaker, start the tunes during your warm and keep the music going until the last girl crosses the finish line.

Wear Your Program Shirts: Each GOTR girl gets a Girls on the Run t-shirt to wear during 5K day. Ask your team to wear their shirts to school the day of the practice 5K to build comradery and show that they’re a team!

Print Cheer Signs: Who wouldn’t want to hear that they’re more magical than a unicorn? Cheer on your girls with fun printable cheer signs that can be taped up around your running space. Once the first few girls finish their 5K, they can use the signs to support their teammates who are still going.

Create a Finish Line: We’ve all dreamed of running through the tape at the end of a race. Make it happen for your girls with a DIY finish line! Coaches have built finish lines out of PCV pipe but inexpensive crepe paper works just as well. Task your girls who have already finished their 5K with holding the finish line and cheering on their teammates as they approach!

Make Your Own Medals: A little ribbon and some craft-store finds and you have a fun medal for your girls to remember their first 5K! You can even personalize the medals with girls’ GOTR names or a mantra for them to remember when they complete their 5K event in a few weeks. 

Coaches - We want to see how your team is celebrating your practice 5K! Share your photos and ideas with us by using #GirlsontheRun on social media or by emailing your pictures and stories to

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