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5 Ways to Nurture Emotional Wellness Today

Posted Asha Ellison on 2/22/2018 |

Wellness Tips

We live in fast and exciting times!

With so much technology surrounding us, it is easy to get lost in the matrix of media messaging. While it’s become the norm to be plugged in to communication at all times, instant access to technology, paired with the demands of our personal lives, can leave us feeling frazzled and frustrated. We are connected to everything from world news to pop culture and politics. We receive mixed messages from doctors and influencers to family and friends about topics such as health, fitness, finance and quality of life. Oftentimes, we feel like we can’t keep up or, worse, that we don’t measure up. 

Although social and performance pressure feel as if they’re being tossed around like confetti, there are things we can do to protect ourselves from becoming overstimulated or bogged down by the weight of it all. The question now is: how do we maintain our sanity? We have to get back to the basics.

How, you ask?

Here are five ways to preserve and protect your emotional wellness:

1. Disconnect sometimes

It’s okay to unplug and schedule some time for yourself. Foster authentic relationships by putting your phone away while spending time with family or friends and appreciate the uninterrupted quality time. Maybe pick a few days a week where you operate the “old-school” way and only use technology when needed. Not only will this create a sense of balance, but you will also see that you are the remote to anything that accesses you – feel free to turn things off, and take a breath, when needed. 

2. Take care of yourself

Not only is your health your wealth, it is also lucrative to a functioning body and mind. Take a moment to reconnect with yourself, in peace, by practicing deep breathing, yoga, or doing something gentle and meditative for yourself (i.e. spa day, get outdoors, listen to music, paint, etc.). Commit to getting proper rest, eating a nutritious diet, and ample movement to keep your body strong, energized and refreshed. When you love on yourself, it goes a long way -- enabling you to better process messages and manage overall stress.

3. Roll with it

The saying, “The tree that bends doesn’t break,” comes to mind here. Resiliency, a result of managing emotional wellness, comes from learning to weather the storms of life. A storm could be anything that is rocking your boat. If you can change it, do it. However, if something is beyond your control, go with the flow and fix your energy on identifying or developing a positive perspective. When we focus on the good, it gives us less time to worry about the bad. 

4. Laugh a little

There’s a chance that laughter really is the best medicine! If not, it still manages to be a solid source of stress relief and can even manage to keep pain and depression at bay. If you have to be connected, look for fun articles, memes and images to forward to other so that they may share in your joy. Read more about how laughing is essential to overall wellbeing. 

5. Release lofty expectations

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big but, sometimes, our thoughts can carry us to the land of anxiety. It’s best to have realistic expectations and goals for yourself. Remember that you are human and, while you’re working on success in targeted areas, it’s all a process. If you spend too much time thinking about the future, the possibilities can become overwhelming or paralyzing. Setting measurable goals, working in increments or “chunks” can help you reach goals in buildable steps. Learn more about chunking to help keep your expectations in check. And, remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


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