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Take Care of Your Body With These 6 Quick Warm-Ups and Cool Downs

Posted on 7/27/2017 |

Wellness Tips

For most of us, squeezing in time to do something good for our bodies each day can be a challenge and when you’re tight on time, the first things that typically get cut are the warm-up and cool down. Getting your body loosened up and giving it time to slow down gradually are crucial for taking care of your muscles! Give your body a little extra love by adding one of these quick and easy pre- and post-workout routines to your next run.

Before your run

“One of my favorite warm-ups is 3-way lunges. Starting with your right leg, do 5 forward lunges, 5 lateral lunges, and 5 step-back lunges. Then repeat with your left leg. The main muscles you use when running are your hamstrings and glutes and this exercise does a great job of warming these muscles up before you start your run.” – GOTR Coach Jen

“In order to motivate myself, I have a few 5-8 minute warm-up routines saved from YouTube that I rotate through and do before I leave the house. I also usually walk for 5 minutes before starting to run, rather than running right when I leave the door, to give my legs time to stretch out, especially if it is a morning run.” – Gabrielle from Marathons and Macarons

“Another warm-up I like is leg swings. Stand perpendicular to a wall, with one hand on the wall for support. Do 10 leg swings, forward and backward, on each leg. Then turn and face the wall, with both hands on it for support. Do 10 side-to-side leg swings on each leg. We tend to sit so much during the day, that our hip flexors get tight. This is a great exercise for loosening up your hips before a run.” - GOTR Coach Jen

“For my pre-run routine, a lunge with a twist is a great, dynamic stretching exercise that engages your hips, legs, and core muscles. I’ll complete a total of 20 lunges on each side to get my heart rate up so I can prepare for a nice, easy run.” – GOTR Coach Keller

After you run

“To cool down, I usually run the last 5 minutes at a reduced intensity, then stretch all the big muscle groups and hold the stretches for at least 30-40 seconds. I move smoothly through the stretches and drink lots of water.” – GOTR Coach Keller

“My absolute favorite cool-down is the yoga pose called "legs up the wall", where you lie on your back with your legs stretched up against a wall. It's such a great pose for recovery and draining the lactic acid from your legs. I stay there for 5-10 minutes and always feel refreshed after!” – Gabrielle from Marathons and Macarons

Do you have a go-to warm up or cool down routine? Tell us about it by tweeting at @GOTRI!


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