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Reflections of a Happy Hair Captain

Posted Lisa Keller on 5/25/2017 |

Giving Back

Did you know colored hair spray can help ignite limitless potential? That’s what one Girls on the Run participant expressed to me last week at a Girls on the Run 5K event. With determination in her eyes, she enlightened me further that, “Happy hair helps me to unleash my Girls on the Run super power to never give up!” As I finished spray painting her hair pink with purple polka dots, I encouraged her to have a great 5K and go boldly in pursuit of her dreams. With a thankful heart, this little firecracker proceeded to review my artistry on her head and then skip away to join her other teammates all while exuding confidence in her ability to complete the upcoming 5K.

At Girls on the Run 5K events across the country, there’s a special area called the Happy Hair Station. The station is a fun-filled, high-energy environment where you can get your hair “happy” with colored hair spray and accessories. The Happy Hair Station is a magical place for all the Girls on the Run girls, coaches and community members to experience!

For the last five years, I’ve volunteered as the Happy Hair Captain for the Girls on the Run Charlotte 5K - one of my favorite times of the year. My fellow squad of dedicated Happy Hair volunteers and I are equipped with cases of assorted colored hair spray to add happiness to pigtails, cornrows, braids, curls - all styles of girls’ hair - and actually, anyone who wants happy hair at the 5K. We are a hard-working group of volunteers to have a great time together to ensure everyone’s hair is joyful! 

At the Happy Hair Station, the girls squeal with so much excitement that you cannot help but join in the fun experience as well. I’m always amazed by how many cans of colored hair spray and accessories we go through in a matter of a few hours. We also have the occasional running buddy who wants his beard sprayed neon pink which the girls think is so cool, and so do I. A few years ago, my friend Jim stopped by the Happy Hair Station and wore a tutu to support his GOTR girl!

As I spray the hair of the last girl before the 5K starts, my heart is overjoyed to witness the endless wave of colors and sparkly heads that will bob up and down through the course. It’s such a dreamlike experience for everyone to come together, have fun and be happy. It’s an honor to be able to spread a little happy hair joy at the 5K each season. I look forward to the next one and invite you all to join in on the fun too! 


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