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5 DIY Halloween Costumes That Kids Can Make

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 10/11/2016 |

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At each Girls on the Run practice, I try to ask each girl on my team at least one question about what’s going on in their life. “How was school today?” and “Did you do anything fun this weekend?” tend to elicit one-word answers from some girls but last week, my most recent line of questions about Halloween had even the quieter girls on my team eager to share. Each girl that I talked to told me about all of the details of their costume and why they chose the costume that they did. I learned about their favorite book characters, people they admire and how cool zombies are among some third grade girls. 

Each girl was using her costume to share her creativity and admired what ideas her teammates had come up with for their own Halloween attire. Through our small talk while running laps, the girls on my team were living out the Girls on the Run core value of embracing our differences and finding strength in our connectedness.

If your girl is still planning her Halloween costume, here are five DIY ideas to encourage her show off what makes her unique:


Between the Final Five, record-breaking swimmers and sportsmanlike runners, the Rio Olympics showcased many admirable athletes! Help your GOTR girl show her gold medal star power by dressing as her favorite Olympian, DIY medal and all

Spelling Bee

Your GOTR girl can show her love for reading, animals and puns in this DIY spelling bee costume! You may need to help her with some of the crafting but you can keep her engaged in the project by having her select the words on the costume. 


Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes! Instead of purchasing costume for a well-known superhero, encourage your girl to use her creativity and make up her own. She can craft her own cuffs using toilet paper rolls and can sport a Girls on the Run cape to show her star power!


Skip the candy and turn an old t-shirt into a strawberry for Halloween! Your girl can take pride in her ability to create her own costume from just a few supplies. This simple craft is mostly kid-friendly, although they will need some help with the glue gun. 


Animals are go-to Halloween costume options for kids. Think outside of lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) and expand your GOTR girl's taxonomy with this DIY snail costume. The inexpensive costume is easy enough that your girl will be able to do most of the handy work on her own. Who knows? The costume may even inspire her love for a new critter. 


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