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Uncover a Challenge in This Throwback Playground Game

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 9/27/2016 |

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Cootie catchers, also known as fortune tellers, chatterboxes and many other names, are a common school game that may be as old as the seventeenth century. Now you can put your Girls on the Run skills to good use with your own GOTR cootie catcher!

During Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole practices, girls participate in lessons that help them grow and develop new skills that help them outside of the programs. These skills include showing gratitude, ways to manage stress and practicing positive self-talk. At the end of each lesson, girls are encouraged to apply what they learned to situations outside of practice. Think you're up for a Girls on the Run challenge?

Download and print this page to make your own GOTR game!


1. Cut the piece of paper into a square by trimming on the dotted lines. 

2. Fold the square in half. Then, fold the paper in half again so that your piece of paper is a square that is one fourth of the original size. 

3. Unfold the piece of paper. Flip the paper so that the printed side is down. 

4. Fold each of the four corners into the center of the piece of paper. Press down on each of the creases. Your piece of paper should be a square shape and have the colors and numbers facing upwards.

5. Flip your piece of paper over so that the challenges are facing up. Fold each of the corners into the center of the piece of paper, once again making a square. 

6. Push down on the center of the piece of paper so that the sides of the paper with the color names facing out create spaces for you to put your fingers. 

How to Play

Pick a color. Move the game open and closed depending on the number of letters in the color. For example, if you choose blue, you will open and close the game four times. 

Pick a number. Open the flap with the corresponding number and complete the challenge listed. Invite your friends to do the same!


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