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Supporter Sings His Heart Out for Girls on the Run

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 8/24/2016 |

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Girls on the Run wouldn’t be possible without the help of our generous supporters. Fundraisers and individual donations help Girls on the Run International and our councils in all fifty states create programs for girls, provide scholarships for girls who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate in programs and much more. We’re grateful for all that our supporters do and are amazed by the ways that they use their own passions to support girls in their communities. 

Recently, Paolo Bowyer, a personal trainer who became involved with Girls on the Run of New Jersey East after meeting their executive director at the gym, organized and performed at an event to raise funds for his local council. Sydney Davis, the executive director for Girls on the Run of New Jersey East, had known Paolo for five or six years from her gym, where she oftentimes wore her Girls on the Run shirts and talked to people about the program. 

“I was so excited when one day he asked me how he could do something to help our council,” said Sydney. In true GOTR spirit, Paolo pushed himself outside of his comfort zone reconnected with his passion for music and singing. Paolo created a fundraising page to get the word out about the event and shared that he hadn’t performed in over five years, joking that the performance may be a once in a lifetime opportunity depending on how it went. As a personal trainer, Paolo has a strong connection with the mission of Girls on the Run. 

“Empowering girls through exercise is big. It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel and that self-esteem boost you get from having a goal (in this case a 5k race) and crushing it instills something that is unique to fitness,” said Paolo. “Teaching these life skills through exercise is invaluable and something we can all get behind.”

Paolo organized his event in a local coffeehouse and had a friend to play his music with him, sponsors to pay for some of the wine at the event and a friend who is a wine educator attend to offer tastings. Between ticket sales, online donations and the wine that was sold, Paola raised $1,200 for Girls on the Run of New Jersey East.

Paolo plans to stay involved in Girls on the Run by making his event an annual fundraiser and coaching a team if his schedule allows for it. 

“The fact I was that inspired to do the event speaks volumes about the work GOTR does. I’ve had plenty of thoughts of doing something like that but was never motivated enough,” says Paolo. 

The funds that Paolo raised will support the programs that Girls on the Run of New Jersey East offers its community and provide more than six full scholarships to girls. 

“What we love about this story is the ripple effect GOTR has on anyone who hears about us in the community,” said Sydney. “We never know who is listening and may someday act on the inspiration our mission spreads everywhere we go.”

To learn more about creating your own fundraiser or giving to Girls on the Run, see our donate page

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