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Help Your Girl Keep Learning This Summer

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 7/18/2016 |

Heart & Sole

Summer vacation is intended to be a break from classes but that doesn’t mean that your child’s learning has to go on a hiatus. In the Girls on the Run middle school program Heart & Sole, girls learn about the importance of balancing what is called their Girl Wheel - made up of brain, heart, social, body and spirit. To nurture our all-around wellness, it’s important to maintain all parts of our Girl Wheel, even when school is not in session!

Here are a few ways that your girl can keep her brain power going this summer:

Take a class at a community center. Many community centers offer classes for kids such as first aid and CPR. By helping your girl learn these skills at a young age, she can feel more confident in her abilities to help others who may need it and be empowered to learn more skills.

Take an online class. Using free websites like Khan Academy, kids can brush up on subjects that they’ve learned in school with online math and grammar lessons or learn something new with video-based classes on computer programming, economics and health. 

Learn a new craft. Balancing the Girl Wheel is also about working the right side of our brains and nurturing our creativity. Many libraries have resources available to help hone drawing skills, find new craft ideas and learn about different types of art.

Learn a new language. Whether your girl is new to a second language or has taken classes in school, one easy way to get started is with Duolingo, a free app that helps users learn Spanish or French through games and quizzes. Your local library may also have resources available including books and videos. 

Read. This certainly isn't a new idea but it doesn’t mean that reading is any less important! Starting school again in a few weeks will be much easier if reading has already become a habit. You can encourage your girl to set a goal of how many books she can cross off of her summer reading list and make it fun by mixing in fiction and nonfiction options.

Balancing our Girl Wheel is a key part of being joyful, healthy and confident in our day-to-day lives and applies to girls and women of all ages! Learn more about what girls learn through Heart & Sole here


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