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How Your Family Can Give Back This Summer

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 7/12/2016 |

Giving Back

When you think of summer, it’s likely that ideas of relaxing and taking things easy come to mind. While nurturing your emotional wellness is crucial, the laid back schedule and extra time means that summer can also be a great time to give back. At Girls on the Run, we teach girls the value of contributing to their communities and having a positive impact on others and this summer we’re encouraging you to gather your family and friends to work together on a way to impact your community. Here are a few ideas to get your started:

Help out at a race.

Many races benefit local charities and need volunteers to make their event possible. By getting your family to help out at check-in, a water station or wherever else volunteers are needed, you’re encouraging others pursuing their wellness goals and helping the event raise funds. 

Donate gently used items.

Are your closets are overflowing with unused items? Encourage everyone in your family do a summer clutter cleanse and donate your gently used items to shelters or resale stores that benefit the community. Think outside of just clothes and keep in mind that books, kitchen supplies and small electronics are also helpful.

Make cards for a hospital. 

Your family’s creativity can bring a smile to someone else’s face. Oftentimes, children’s hospitals and retirement homes will request posters and cards for patients and residents to celebrate milestones and holidays. Before your break out the markers, check with your local hospitals and retirement homes to see their guidelines for donations; many have wish lists on their websites. 

Raise money for a cause with a lemonade stand.

Nothing says summer quite like a lemonade stand. Encourage your kids to decide where they’d like to donate their earnings before they start on their recipes and posters by asking them to make a list of people or causes that they’d like to help. 

Donate through Charity Miles. 

Encourage your family to be active together and give back at the same time with the Charity Miles phone app. Next time your family goes for a walk or bike ride, turn on the app and choose a charity of your family’s choice to donate to. For each mile that’s tracked, funds are donated to a cause. Make a nightly walk a family habit to see the donations add up!

Purchase extra school supplies.

The time to buy school supplies is right around the corner. Many schools and after-school programs are in need of supplies like markers, posters and other small items that can easily be picked up when your family purchases their supplies. Get your kids involved in the fun by letting them pick out the items or by fundraising through a bake sale to help pay for items. 


Does your family have any other ways that they give back during the summer? We’d love to hear them in the comments! Plus, you can share photos of how you’re contributing this summer with us by using #GOTRSummer on social media.


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