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I'm with Geese

Posted Kira Montuori on 7/7/2016 |

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When I was a college gymnast, my coach sat down our team and shared the Lessons from Geese. I wasn’t too enthused because when you’re in college, you think you have a leg up on geese. Umm… y’all, geese should rule the world.  

I learned a lot in college (which looks vaguely similar to memorized /regurgitated). I retained the Lessons from Geese. I’ll try to sum up the main points in my best Cliff Notes rendering of how geese JUST. GET. IT.

· Geese fly in the V formation because it benefits the individual goose (except maybe the front goose) and the group because each goose provides lift and reduces resistance for the goose behind it. They reach their destination faster because they work together. Teamwork. Boom.

· When a goose falls out of formation, they suddenly realize it’s harder (“my bad”) and make the effort to get back in formation. Humility. Double Boom.

· The geese honk to motivate each other in their journey. I’m feeling the honk. YES to encouragement!   

· If a goose gets sick, is shot or is injured, two other geese will drop out of formation and stay with the goose to protect it until it regains strength or dies. I mean, all of the heart eyes for this one. The buddy system at its best.

· When the lead goose gets tired, they pull back in the formation and another goose steps up to lead. This happens many times throughout a flight. Empowerment.  Interdependence. Shared Responsibility. GEESE for PRESIDENT!

Any high-functioning group that I’ve been a part of – sports, work, church teams - have had these attributes. 

Honk, if you hear me! 

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