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Stop. Breathe. Think… to Calm the Storm

Posted Kira Montuori on 6/22/2016 |

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This morning it was raining.  So what?  Well, this raining put my daughter’s first softball game in jeopardy of happening.  She didn’t take it well.  She started storming herself - yelling at one of her brothers and speaking to the rest of us in a tone that was less than whatever less than desirable is.  

I understand her disappointment.  She was really excited and any time you are looking forward to something and it seems you might lose it, it’s a total bummer.  As she was approaching full on frenzy, my husband and I tag team attempted to rationalize with “It will be rescheduled” and “You’ll have lots of other games” which created less than zero comfort. 

Just as she was about to tip her temper over, I remembered something she told me from one of the Girls on the Run lessons.  I suggested “Why don’t you Stop - Breathe -Think?”  She looked at me in a two-fold “You were listening?” and “You are so annoying.”  (We are just shy of middle school…annoying is trending.)   

She then told me “You didn’t get it right” and “That doesn’t have anything to do with this situation.”

I said, “Ok, tell me how to say it right and what situation it does have to do with.”

“It’s Stop. Breathe. Think. Respond. Review. And it is about peer pressure and making good decisions for yourself.”

“Love it.  So we can only use that powerful set of actions when it pertains to peer pressure?”

It wasn’t my intention to continue being annoying but her look suggested that “Dang it.  She might be on to something.”   

I’m not sure if it was the mantra or the reminder of Girls on the Run in general but somehow she took her foot of the blowing a gasket pedal and calmed herself.  This easing back put her in a much better disposition to take on the day ahead, rain or shine.  

After school, we were able to process the stormy morning further.  I shared that yes, I want her to do all of those things when met with a difficult social situation but those actions may come in handy in other situations too, like when the sky is falling or it’s raining. 

Because of the ‘review’, it sunk in at a deeper level for my daughter and now Stop. Breathe. Think. Respond. Review. is a handy parenting umbrella for the many more individual, social and weather-related storms sure to come our way.  

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