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Women Who Wow Us: Jamie Brown

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 5/20/2016 |

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Jamie Brown has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. What started with her childhood lemonade stands has grown into starting a book series that encourages kids to recognize their potential and use their creativity to positively influence the world around them. Learn more about Bea is for Business and how Jamie is inspiring the next generation of go-getters. 

What inspired you to write Bea is for Business? 

I was one of those kid-entrepreneurs selling lemonade on the street corner. With that experience, I gained confidence, I learned to just ‘get out there’. I learned about money - and the basic idea of earning more than what it costs to run a business. I feel like that experience has been a huge influence on the way I approach life - including having the desire to start my own business, Bea is for Business.

What keeps me inspired are all the kids we read to in classes - especially the ones who I know may never have a business conversation at home. Those kids inspire me to keep writing books, and to keep introducing more and more children to the idea of business and entrepreneurship.

Jamie and friends at one of her lemonade stands

Jamie and friends at one of her lemonade stands. 


Girls on the Run encourages girls to be confident while striving to reach their limitless potential. What are ways you stay motivated to achieve your goals? 

I write down my goals - and I write down lists to help me achieve those goals.  I make yearly goals, that I review every few months, and I follow if I’m on track (hooray!) or if I need to get back on track (work to do!). I even help my kids set goals. Take over summer break, for example. Parents can talk with kids about goals for the summertime. Goals can help kids stay motivated and learn more in the off time!

I also make sure I take time to learn about things that I enjoy. For example, I love art history, so I take mini lessons on the Khan Academy at nighttime when the kids are in bed. I find it much more fulfilling than just watching TV.

What is the message you want girls to take away from reading your books? 

Through the Bea is for Business book series, I want girls to learn that they can be leaders in business. I want girls to know that they can start their own ‘thing’ - whatever that ‘thing’ may be. It can be in healthcare, athletics, education, personal care or some field that doesn’t even exist yet. I want girls to feel that they can create jobs for others. I want girls to feel that they can use their ideas and creativity to add value to the world in a smart way that makes life fulfilling for themselves and others. I want girls to feel inspired that whenever they come across a problem or they face challenges in the future, that they can be a part of the solution. I want girls to be taken seriously (like our main character, Bea - pronounced “Bee”) so they can be our leaders, and stand up for right/wrong, and feel empowered to make a difference.


You can learn more about Bea is for Business and their goal of teaching kids about entrepreneurship here


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