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Three Fun DIYs for 5k Day

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 4/15/2016 |

Fun & Games

Last week, I asked a girl on the team that I'm coaching if she was excited for our upcoming 5k event. Answering honestly, she said told me that she wasn't. This girl is the first one to volunteer for every running game that we do at practice and pushes herself to meet her lap goal each time but the idea of going out and running three miles didn't appeal to her that day - until I mentioned Happy Hair. Once I explained that there is a station at the event where she can have her hair temporarily colored neon, she decided that a 5k sounds like a fantastic idea!

At Girls on the Run 5ks, participants are encouraged to embrace the motto "Girls on the Run is so much fun!" with their attire. Teams from different program sites bond together through a team unity item that they wear during the event and girls can prepare for the event with their own goofy attire. Whether girls prefer fluffy tutus or sporty sweatbands, the 5k day gives them a chance to express themselves through their own outfits and connect with their team through a unity item.

Add your girl's personal touch to her 5k with these fun DIY projects that you can do together!

Super Hero Cuffs: Girls on the Run inspires girls to recognize their own star power so super hero outfits are a perfect fit! To keep the theme going, you can also add in a cape. 

Dyed Shoe Laces: Customize your girl's shoes with laces in her favorite color. Plus, after her 5k, she'll have something fun to remember the day.

DIY Tutu: If your girl is a fan of tutus, these DIY ones can be made in an afternoon and done in whichever colors she'd prefer!

Have you made any other DIYs for Girls on the Run events? Share them with us by posting on Instagram and using #GirlsontheRun 

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