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Born to Support: Triplet Sisters' Teamwork Contributes to Program's Success

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 4/8/2016 |

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During the Girls on the Run season, girls learn to encourage and support their teammates through games and goal setting during practice. Girls on the Run of Northwest Indiana’s Executive Director Jill Schlueter-Kim has had an extra support system during her time with the program - her triplet sisters Jane and Jodi. 

After taking some time off after her children were born, Jill, who had previously been a social worker, was looking to go back to work. Jill’s youngest daughter was born with special needs and having someone to be there for her children was a big factor in starting a new venture. Jill had read about Girls on the Run and in 2007, started a council in her area.

“From the beginning, my sisters really helped me out,” says Jill. Through coaching, assisting with and attending 5k events, helping with fundraisers and watching Jill’s children, Jane and Jodi provided the support needed to help Girls on the Run of Northwest Indiana grow to now serving 1,700 girls in four counties.

Jane and Jodi have continued to become more involved with the council over the years with Jodi, who has coached Girls on the Run teams and had previously been a social worker, joining the team as Program Director and Jane, who has a passion for events and fundraising, joining the Board of Directors. As a board member, Jane helped bring LUNAFEST, a festival with films by women for women, to their council as a fundraiser. This year’s event had over 200 attendees and raised over $13,000 to support the Girls on the Run council. The large attendance and fundraising weren’t the only milestones of the night; the event date also fell on the triplets’ birthday.

The support of Jill’s sisters has been a constant throughout her experience with Girls on the Run and has helped Jill and the program to thrive. “Jane and Jodi, I literally could not have done this without them. I knew that I could count of them to not only help me with my kids but support me with my crazy ideas.” We can’t wait to see where their teamwork takes them next! 

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