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Help Your Girl Get the Most Out of Her Girls on the Run Experience

Posted Caroline Holbrook on 4/6/2016 |


Being an alumna of the Girls on the Run program, I have realized all you can gain from being a part of this whole running thing. It isn’t just about the running itself, but also capturing and remembering your experience.  Going into Girls on the Run, I expected to become a better runner, however, coming out of it, I gained much more than that. Girls on the Run gave me confidence and helped me find my self-worth, in addition to becoming passionate about running. Making sure each girl has those same feelings that I did and gets most out of her experience in Girls on the Run is important to me. Supporting your GOTR girl while sharing and encouraging some of the strategies listed below can help make sure her experience is a memorable one. 

Keep a journal

Girls on the Run is a long program lasting around ten weeks. One of the greatest parts of this program is watching yourself grow both physically and mentally. Keeping a journal of experiences, struggles, successes and thoughts throughout the season can help remind your girl of how far she has come, and everything she’s been able to accomplish. Reflecting on my experiences, both good and bad, helped me personally to become a better runner and strengthen my confidence. 

Encourage her to branch out

While being involved in Girls on the Run is an experience to help better yourself as a person, it is also about building up others in your GOTR group. It is always easy to stick around with the same crowd, and we often allow ourselves to become comfortable hanging around the same friends even as adults. Girls on the Run gives girls the chance to branch out, and be themselves. What better way to follow through with this opportunity than to set a goal of finding a new friend each week to cheer on or compliment. Kind words or a simple smile can go a long way!

Invite someone!

Speaking of branching out, try inviting someone new to join Girls on the Run. Many of my friends in my classes enjoyed Girls on the Run right along with me. Everyone deserves the chance to build strong relationships, running skills and confidence. 

Make a scrapbook

Girls on the Run is such a fun, rewarding program. Take pictures of lap counters and your Community Impact project and ask your coach to send along any photos that they take so your girl can  look back on all the memories she’s made! From practices to the final 5k there is so much to document! At the end of the season, put it all together in cute scrapbook.

Keep in touch!

Throughout my time in Girls on the Run, I met so many amazing people. From new friends who cheered me on to coaches who inspired me and I still keep in touch with many of them today. Over the season, encourage your girl to get to know all of her coaches and teammates and keep in contact with them. Coaches are meant to be mentors on and off the trail! 

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