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5 Free Apps for Runners to Try

Posted Kenzie Kramer on 3/25/2016 |

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Technology and added screen time are usually seen as inhibitors for healthy habits. However, that's not always the case! With the help of a few free apps, your smart phone can help you lead a more active lifestyle and encourage you to push yourself further and faster on your next run. Here are a few of our favorites:


Keep track of how far and how often you run with Runkeeper. The app gives you real-time updates of the distance you've ran along with your current pacing per mile. It also has an option for you to add which shoes you've ran in so the next time the person at the running store asks how many miles you've logged in them, you'll actually have an answer. Find more information here.


For newer runners looking to work their way up to a 5k, C25K doubles as a workout schedule and motivating coach. The eight-week program consists of three workouts per week that mix walking and running. When using C25K, an audio coach tells you when to switch between the two, cutting out the constant looking at your watch that usually comes with 5k walk/run programs. Find more information here

Charity Miles

Each mile that you run can feel even better with Charity Miles. For each mile that you log, sponsors give money to nonprofit organizations from a list of options that you can choose from, including Girls on the Run. Find more information here.


If you like listening to music when you run, you'll love RockMyRun. DJs create remixes using all genres of music that are set to the ideal beat for running. Find your perfect playlist using their filters including type of music, beats per minute and whether to block or allow explicit lyrics. Find more information here.

Start Stretching

Post-run stretching is key to preventing injuries and soreness. Start Stretching ensures that you're stretching correctly and for a long enough amount of time. The app has written instructions and simple visuals to show you how you should be stretching and a timer option to help you hold your stretches for a full thirty seconds. Find more information here.

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