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Thankful for My Running Shoes

Posted Caroline Holbrook on 1/18/2016 |


As crazy as it seems, not too long ago, I was a timid, 8 year-old little girl, about four feet tall, a little uncomfortable in her skin. At such a young age, I was unaware of the impact running, or being involved in a program such as Girls on the Run, would have on me.  While I owe a lot of my self-transformation over the years to family, friends, and teachers, the Girls on the Run organization helped me start a journey that has led me farther than I could have imagined. 

From the start of my Girls on the Run experience, I enjoyed the interactions I had with my fellow runners each week. Hearing my coach’s consistent encouragement made me feel comfortable, and helped me to branch out to build relationships. By the end of the program, I became the girl encouraging others, instead of needing constant encouragement. I had begun to find confidence in myself, and it became much easier to spread the love and confidence to others that Girls on the Run gave me.

In addition to confidence, Girls on the Run gave me a passion for running that thirteen years later has continued to be a part of my daily routine. As a college student, it seems just as easy to get caught up in the stress of school and life in general as it did thirteen years ago. For me, running has remained something comfortable and constant; it reminds me of my self-worth, and ability to keep going just as it did when I was eight years old.

Now as I sit here, twenty years old, a little taller, a junior in college, completing an internship for an organization that gave me so much, Girls on the Run international, I am excited and confident in my future and to see where life takes me. Girls on the Run didn’t just give me a twelve week program, a cool t-shirt, or a couple new friends; it gave me a new outlook on taking care of myself, and what that means mentally and physically. So thank you, Girls on the Run, for giving me more than I could have asked for.

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