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Exercise for a Good Cause with Charity Miles

Posted Suzanna McCloskey on 8/31/2015 |

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Make your miles count by downloading the free Charity Miles app to raise money for Girls on the Run while you move! Use the Charity Miles app to track your walk, run or bike ride and earn $.25 per mile for walking or running and $.10 per mile for biking.

Wondering why our supporters from all over the country love raising funds for Girls on the Run through Charity Miles? Hear from some of them in their own words!

Camille Houghton

I am training for a marathon and running many miles, so I use the Charity Miles app as an easy way to turn the miles into monetary support for my favorite charities. Running to support Girls on the Run makes my training even more meaningful because I love the mission of Girls on the Run, and when I returned to running 5 years ago, I started with a Girls on the Run 5k. Running has been such a positive influence on my life and I have no doubt that young girls in the program will also experience the same positive outcomes. Running seems like such a simple activity, but the benefits are incredible, such as the confidence that comes from setting a goal and achieving it, the opportunity to direct excess time and energy to a beneficial activity and the improvement in physical fitness.

Thomas Reece

I first became aware of Girls on the Run when a Western Michigan University student began babysitting for our grandkids in Kalamazoo, MI. She had been a coach and was very passionate about the program, and it resonated with us. We particularly liked the emphasis on young girls developing a positive self-image and positive attitude toward themselves and others, so we decided to begin financial support of Girls on the Run Greater Kalamazoo through our small family foundation.

Later on that same young woman moved to New York City, where we were living at the time, to teach. She lived in Brooklyn but decided to coach in Manhattan. It was a huge commitment, particularly due to the travel time and expense, so we decided to support that fledgling development in New York City which has blossomed into a major program for girls in New York City.

Then about six years ago, our daughter, Leslie Reece Littlejohn, decided to start Girls on the Run Oklahoma County. She has been a smashing success, and we have been happy to help her both financially and by traveling to Oklahoma City to help her put on the celebratory 5k that marks the end of each season.

I am happy to designate Girls on the Run as the recipient of funds donated via Charity Miles and hope that many, many other active people will support Girls on the Run through Charity Miles as well. It is a terrific program.

Lesley Taylor

I enjoy supporting Girls on the Run through Charity Miles because of the platform it gives me to build awareness about the program. Serving on the Board of Directors of Girls on the Run of Greater Sacramento, I use Charity Miles to lead by example and raise the profile of our council through social media. Every time I complete a run while using Charity Miles and blast that to my social networks, my personal network becomes more aware of opportunities to recruit new coaches, volunteers, donors and program participants. It’s also been fun to share my efforts with GOTRI, Charity Miles, the program underwriters and other runners who see my posts on social media. Their support on Twitter has been a positive and encouraging part of my training.

Kimberlee Zateeny

Charity Miles is by far the easiest way to raise money for your favorite charity. It's no secret that mine is Girls on the Run! Along with working a full time job, I volunteer for GOTR Pocono by coaching and being the head of their "fun"draising. With this said, I have mastered multi-tasking, so it’s a no-brainer that if I can raise money for my favorite charity while doing my favorite activity (running), that is a win-win! Go, Charity Miles!

April Franco

I started running a little over three years ago in response to my health. I was overweight and getting older. I really just decided to start running one day. I don't always want to, and I don't always like it, but I'm very happy that it has become a part of who I am. I found out about GOTR during one of my constant searches for another race to run. I was so impressed by their mission and wanted to be behind a movement that supports girls for their strengths and empowers them to be strong and healthy. My working schedule makes it hard for me to volunteer more than I have been able to, but when I found out about the Charity Miles app, it was kind of a no-brainer for me. There are many charities that I would love to support on the app, but I always choose Girls on the Run because I believe that had there been such an organization available to me, I could have learned to love running much earlier in my life and may have been able to overcome struggles in a more strong and healthy way.


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