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Summer Reading

Posted Amy Ellrod on 7/23/2015 |

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I have to admit. Summer reading is one of my favorite activities. To me, there is no better way to relax in the summer than by spending the day in a hammock, reading a good book. For kids, though, summer reading can be a task.  I get it.  School's out!  Why would they want to read when they can play outside, swim, eat sweet treats or do any other fun summer activity?  Summer reading can be fun! And, can help your young person transition from summer to back-to-school time more easily. Here are some tips for getting your GOTR girl reading this summer:

  • Keep it fun! Summer reading lists aside, letting your young person choose books that she wants to read will keep her interested.
  • Spend time each week at the library or bookstore perusing books together and talking about which ones interest your young person.  This will tell you a lot about what’s going on in her life without having to ask.
  • Have your GOTR girl help you choose books for you to reach, modeling the importance of reading in your life. Even better, read the same book at the same time! This will give you a way to do something fun together and have meaningful conversations.
  • Start a book club with her friends! As women we love to gather with friends to discuss our favorite books. Why not start now? Scheduling time for your girl and her friends to talk about what they are reading is a great way to develop their social and critical thinking skills.
  • Find books that have characters or storylines that provide the opportunity to discuss everything from what different emotions feel like to more complex topics like how to handle difficult situations.  These can provide opportunities to build both character and connection!

Need some inspiration for what books to read? Check out some of these resources to get you started:

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