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Wellness Tip: Cultivate Supportive Connections

Posted Suzanna McCloskey on 7/15/2015 |

Wellness Tips

At Girls on the Run, we believe it is essential to nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual health as part of comprehensive full-body wellness. One way to stay emotionally and spiritually strong is by cultivating supportive, positive relationships with people who are rejuvenating and help us be our best selves.

How do you know if someone is a supportive connection? Supportive connections are trustworthy, warm, respectful and dependable. GOTR girls learn about the concept of Star Power, the idea that we all have an inner star that shines with support and positivity. When we have a supportive connection in our lives, our Star Power shines bright! Supportive connections inspire us with feelings of joy and welcome our outreach with open arms. When around supportive connections, we have healthy, confident thoughts about ourselves and our relationship with that person.

It’s important to have a strong support system when you find yourself in the position of needing someone to talk to about your thoughts, feelings or concerns. Reaching out to trusted friends and family members in times of stress is one of the healthiest ways to break the stress cycle while getting the positive support you need. Look for friends who are empathetic and non-judgmental listeners, and remember it’s also important to show your friends and family members that you are a good listener they can rely on as well!

As humans, it’s in our social nature to seek out supportive relationships, but busy schedules, too much screen time and simply not making it a priority can make that difficult. Here are some suggestions for how you can begin focusing more on building supportive connections today.

Quick tips for building supportive connections:

  • Call or email a trusted friend you haven’t talked to in a while and make plans to reconnect.
  • Go for a walk with a good listener and also make a point to be a good listener yourself. Ask them how they’re feeling.
  • Volunteer in your community! Helping others also has a positive effect on our own wellbeing. As a bonus, volunteering can be a great way to meet new people that are also focused on improving their community.
  • Disconnect from technology for a bit. Being behind a computer, TV or phone screen makes it impossible to be fully present in the moment with others. Suggest that you and your friends take part in an activity that doesn’t require screen time.
  • Remember, the golden rule is always true – Treat others as you would like to be treated!

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