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GOTR Girl Nassir Speaks at Campaign to End Child Obesity

Posted Amy Ellrod on 6/12/2015 |

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Last month, Girls on the Run was invited to attend the Campaign to End Child Obesity’s 8th Annual Breakfast with Champions. The event recognizes and honors members of Congress at the helm of the nation’s fight to reverse the obesity epidemic.

We were honored to have one of our D.C. program participants, Nassir Durham, share her story about the impact Girls on the Run has had on her life. Nassir is in the 4th grade and has been a member of Girls on the Run for the past two years, participating in both the fall and spring seasons each year. Nassir one day hopes to attend Harvard University. She loves math and spending time with her family.

Nassir delivered her speech with confidence to a room of approximately 75 attendees. She beautifully represented the values of Girls on the Run and exemplified what it means to be joyful, healthy and confident. The following is the speech she presented:

Hello my name is Nassir Durham. I am 9-years-old, and I attend Friendship Public Charter School Woodrige Campus. This is my fourth season in Girls on the Run. I learned a lot of things while in Girls on the Run. I learned about bullying and gossiping and how they hurt others. The techniques I learned taught me how to handle real-life situations. I also learned about my inner beauty and how I can shine from the inside out. It felt great to come up with community projects with my teammates. We sent letters to soldiers who were deployed and donated canned goods to the homeless. The lessons I learned will help me now and in the future.

Being in Girls on the Run has not only made me want to live a healthier lifestyle, but it also has made me more confident and boosted my self-esteem.

Honestly, before Girls on the Run my physical activity was pretty low, except for recess of course. But luckily for me my mom signed me up for Girls on the Run. I learned how to stretch and pace myself for the big 5k. In the beginning, I never thought that I would be able to complete the 5k, but I did and it really boosted my confidence. Now when I go for walks with my family, I can walk farther without getting as tired. In Girls on the Run, I also learned about sports and eating healthy. I learned that you should try to join at least one sport or add in thirty minutes of physical activity every day to stay healthy. I learned how important eating healthy is too. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water is not only good for the inside of your body but also the outside so you'll have beautiful healthy skin.

What I enjoyed most about Girls on the Run was meeting my coaches, spending time with my friends and the different themes for all the practice runs. Being in Girls on the Run has not only made me want to live a healthier lifestyle, but it also has made me more confident and boosted my self-esteem. Programs like Girls on the Run help girls all over the D.C. area, and I hope they never go away. Thank you.

Thank you, Nassir, for representing our 170,000 Girls on the Run participants nationwide!

About the Campaign to End Obesity: The Campaign brings together leaders from across industry, academia and public health with policymakers and their advisors, and provides the information and guidance that decision-makers need to make policy changes that will reverse one of the nation’s costliest and most prevalent diseases.     

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