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Behind the Scenes: GOTR Girl is One in a Million

Posted Celi Merchant on 6/8/2015 |

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Frida is one in a million. 

She is eager to help. 

She is quiet but not shy. 

She is flexible and patient. 

When we reached out to Frida’s coach about having her help with the filming of our One in a Million video, she responded, “She is such a special girl!” 

We would get the chance to learn more about Frida when we filmed her and her team during their practice. We ran around with the girls while they worked their way through the lesson about gossip. Filming at Girls on the Run is always a great time! Recording the voiceovers, on the other hand, tends to be a bit time-consuming. In order to hear what the person is saying clearly, you need to wait for the background noise to be very quiet, and then repeat the lines multiple times.  During this part of the day, Frida seemed to lose interest as she fiddled with the paper in her hands. We reminded her that we needed to focus on recording and promised we would be finished soon. It was then that Frida presented us with several origami swans, one for each person on the film crew, made from bright green post-it notes. It was a beautiful gift from this sweet GOTR girl and great way to end a long afternoon of filming. She truly is one-in-a-million.


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